Goatzin is the most stinking bird in the world

The Hoatzin is a large and very beautiful bird that is found in the forests along the Amazon. In English, hoatsin is called "Stinkbird" - "stinking bird".

Usually, hoatzins grow to the size of a medium pheasant. Their body length is about 65 cm. Goatsin chicks have on each wing a pair of claws with which they cling to trees. It is the claws on the hoatsin's wings that prove the origin of this species from reptiles. Interestingly, as they grow older, these claws gradually disappear. By the way, hoatsin is one of a kind - the Hoatsin family, to which scientists ranked him after long research and controversy.

He flies very awkwardly, so a pungent and very unpleasant smell, reminiscent of the smell of manure, helps him to protect himself from predators (and humans). The reason for the smell is in the unique digestive system of this bird.

Goatzin digests the leaves of marsh trees (which, even when fresh, do not have a pleasant smell), digests directly into the goiter. Cows have about the same digestive system. From this, the bird spreads a stinking smell, for which the Americans called it "stinky". The bird's goiter is so large that it takes up most of the chest. Often, while sitting on the branches, this organ outweighs the hoatzin forward, so it has to rest its chest on the nearest branch so as not to fall.

A large, noticeable bird, tied to permanent habitats and almost unable to fly, it would seem, was doomed to become a victim of man. However, here she was incredibly lucky. The meat of the goatzin also has an unpleasant taste - therefore, the local Indians hunt goatzin only if absolutely necessary, collecting goatzin eggs or getting its meat is considered bad form.

Despite the specific smell, some locals consider the bird to be their property, it even became a symbol of Guyana.