Gunther IV - the richest dog in the world

In 1992, the German Countess Carlotta Liebenstein bequeathed her huge fortune to her beloved dog - a shepherd dog named Gunther III. After a while, the dog also went to another world, and his inheritance passed to the son of the millionaire dog Gunther IV.

Several years ago, the British publication "Sun" published a list of the richest animals in the world, inherited from their generous owners. And a German shepherd named Gunther IV was at the top of this peculiar hit parade. The condition of the dog was estimated at a very impressive amount - 100 million US dollars.

This news made a lot of noise, and some newspapers published skeptical articles that this is just a prank and the millionaire dog is just an advertising "duck". But already in 1999, the "oligarch" Gunther IV was engaged in real estate transactions. The media reported that the dog, naturally, through proxies, intends to purchase the mansion of the famous actor and bodybuilder Sylvester Stallone in Miami Beach for a tidy sum of $ 25 million.

For some unknown reason, the deal fell through, but Gunther and his retinue did not remain without housing. For seven and a half million, the villa of the singer Madonna was purchased.

Gunther moved into a luxurious apartment with his "capital managers" - two boys and three girls. But the investment of a wealthy shepherd did not end there. Gunther and his companions attended an auction in Italy, where a rare mushroom truffle was purchased for $ 3 million. By the way, white truffle is a favorite delicacy of Gunther IV, moreover, specially hired chefs prepare for it.

Gunther lives, indeed, on a grand scale, or, it would be more correct to say, on a wide paw. Over time, mansions in Germany, Italy and the Bahamas were added to the villa in Miam. The dog moves in a luxurious BMW with a personal driver; the dog even has its own website. Interestingly, the guardians of the dog not only did not squander the fortune, but also, thanks to competent investments, multiply it. Gunther IV's capital has more than tripled in several years and amounts to $ 370 million.

However, many people still argue that this is an advertising bait. They say that the story with the legacy is fiction, and aspiring pop musicians acted as guardians of Gunther IV, who are trying to attract attention in this way. But, in any case, the money invested in Gunther is quite real, and he himself still lives in luxurious apartments and enjoys all the benefits of the dog-oligarch.