Interesting facts about Husky

It is believed that the Siberian huskies were bred by the Chukchi living in North-Eastern Siberia. The term "husky" (distorted "eski") originally meant the Eskimos. Subsequently, this name was assigned to the Eskimo husky. These are dogs with thick hair, a sharp muzzle with erect ears and a curled tail.

Siberian or Arctic huskies are the fastest and most resilient sled dogs in Alaska.

The most interesting fact about the husky is an incident that happened in 1925. Then the dog team saved the whole city from death, bringing the diphtheria vaccine hundreds of miles away! A bronze statue of Sled Leader Balto stands at the entrance to New York's Central Park.

Huskies cannot be a guard dog, again due to their curious and friendly nature. When you try to develop her guarding or fighting qualities, the husky has a mental failure.

Husky will never bite a person

The color of the eyes of the husky can be from brown to blue, and the eyes can be of different colors, by the way, the color of the husky also varies from pure white to completely black.

Husky practically does not smell like "dog"

The husky's tail is not curled like a bagel, like a husky's

Eskimo Husky, or Canadian Laika (51-69 cm at the withers), has its historical homeland of Greenland.

It is with these dogs that polar bears are often hunted.

An integral property of all sled dogs is a strongly pronounced hunting instinct, it is also developed in the Siberian husky, only game, it never brings - it eats everything on the spot. Therefore, a husky is also not suitable as a hunting dog.

The Siberian Husky breed is extremely prone to an incurable disease - epilepsy.