The most interesting facts about rats

Rats are one of the smartest and most adaptable animals on our planet. Scientists believe that despite the fact that rats have small brains, they are in many ways superior to even primates. The following facts prove this:

Rats adapt well to their environment and can survive even in the harshest conditions. People reported seeing rats even in Antarctica;

Rats are excellent swimmers, they can swim more than 40 km. And they will feel good. In addition, these small rodents can stay under water for 24 to 72 hours;

These intelligent rodents are capable of sniffing even explosives. When this happens, the rat starts digging where it smelled;

On our planet, there are twice as many rats as people. This is due to the fact that these rodents reproduce rapidly. On average, about a hundred rats are born from one female per year;

When a rat is in danger, it can reach speeds of up to ten kilometers per hour and jump over a wall up to eighty centimeters high;

The rat can be killed by its own teeth. They grow so quickly that if the rodent cannot grind them off in time, it will die. In just one year, a rat's teeth can grow twelve centimeters;

These rodents communicate with each other using ultrasound. Other animals cannot pick up this signal. Therefore, rats can easily communicate with each other and not worry that any predator will replace them;

A rat's nose is able to catch and recognize a smell in just 0.03 seconds. That is why this type of rodent easily finds food for itself. Also, rats are quite intelligent and can easily distinguish edible food from inedible or poisoned food;

Rats have the ability to adapt to the various poisons used to kill them, as well as to recognize poisons. If an individual survives from a generation of rodents who have tried a poisoned bait, then the next generation of an individual may be less susceptible to this poison. For example, the poisons that have effectively poisoned rats since the 1940s have almost no effect on modern rats. If the rat was poisoned, but did not die, it will avoid bait with this type of poison.

Although rats are able to survive in harsh environmental conditions, they can easily die from constant stressful situations;

These rodents know how to laugh. Only now they do it only if you tickle them. The laughter of a rat is emitted at an ultra-high frequency, so it can only be heard with the help of special equipment;

Like humans, rats can dream. Neuroscientists, conducting numerous studies on these rodents, have found that rats dream only of what happened to them in the near future;

Rats have tremendous intuition: they are able to foresee danger and escape before the onset of events unfavorable for their life. That is why, when there was the Great Patriotic War, many people lived only in those houses where there were rats;

In a small US city called Galesbourg, rats are treated with great respect. There is even a law here that says that you cannot beat rats with a bat. Otherwise, the state will charge a fine of one thousand dollars.

A rat's body can reach up to 50 centimeters, and that's not counting its tail. Such large individuals can even single-handedly cope with such a large predator as a dog or cat;

Rats can penetrate almost anywhere. They can easily gnaw wood, and even metal. In addition, rats are able to crawl into a hole that is several times smaller than them;

In Africa and Asia, rats are eaten. The inhabitants of these countries say that rodent meat is very similar to chicken meat;

But in India, the rat is an object of worship, the "Temple of the Rat" Karni Mata, located in the city of Deshnok, has gained international fame for its unusual inhabitants. The rats feel very comfortable in it, having constant food and honor from local residents, who believe that the souls of dead children live in rats, hidden from the god of death - Yama;

The sign of the Rat in the eastern horoscope is considered one of the symbols of the feminine principle "Yin".

One rat can mate with its partner more than two hundred times in just a few hours;

Rats navigate well even in unfamiliar rooms. In case of danger, this smart rodent will easily find a way out or shelter. Therefore, it is sometimes very difficult for cats to catch such a smart nimble rodent;

The rat is able to take the shortest route. If the rat needs to drag and drop something, it will not think long and will take the shortest path;

Rats have limited memory. They only remember what they really need to survive. For example, a rodent will not be able to remember where this or that food is, he will simply go to its smell.

A rat consumes about 12 kg of food per year, statistics say that every sixth farmer feeds not people, but rats.