Interesting Stag Beetle Facts

Stag beetle is the largest beetle found in Europe. The length of the most famous large specimen, together with the horns, was more than 10 cm.

In Estonia, Denmark and Latvia, stag beetles are included in the zero category of the Red Book as an extinct species. And in Russia, such beetles can still be found in some reserves.

Mating of beetles takes about 2-3 hours and usually takes place in trees. The female lays only about 20 eggs.

Horned beetle larvae prefer oak wood, where they develop over the next 4 to 8 years.

The larvae emit chirping sounds with a frequency of 11 kHz, which are inaudible to humans. Scientists believe that in this way future beetles communicate with each other.

All their life, deer beetles do not eat anything, but only drink the sap of trees.

Adult insects live only 3-4 weeks, after which they die.

It's funny, but it was the deer beetles that became the first cartoon characters. In 1910, the Russian director Vladislav Aleksandrovich Starevich captured the battle of two male beetles on film. True, the beetles did not want to participate in the shooting, and they had to make stuffed animals out of them.

The ancient Romans used beetles as amulets from evil spirits: they wore necklaces-amulets made of small horns, and they hung such jewelry around their necks.

In Poland, in 1997, a small edition of a bronze coin with the image of a stag beetle was issued.

In 2006, a 100-ruble silver coin was minted in Transnistria - with a male and a female stag beetle, however, during the work, a mistake was made in the inscription of the generic name Lukanus instead of Lucanus.

And finally: the stag beetle was chosen insect of the year in 2012 in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.