How old do turtles live?

There are more than 290 species of turtles around the world. There are 7 species in Russia. Turtles are distinguished by great endurance and vitality. Their immune system fights well with various infections, and injuries heal quickly. Turtles are also able to go without food for a long time and remain in good health.

How old do turtles live?

We think that turtles live a very long time, but in fact, everything is not quite so. Only one species can live for more than 200 years - the giant tortoise from the Galapagos Islands. The average statistic for all other species is 20 - 30 years. And red-eared turtles, with proper care, live on average 30 years.

Large turtles are the longest living creatures on our planet. This is due to the slow metabolism. They can live without food or water for several months to a couple of years. Surprisingly, this fact has been scientifically proven.

Turtles have wrinkled body skin and a very slow movement speed, the aging process is almost invisible. Internal organs remain the same as in youth and after many years. Many scientists are interested in the secret of "eternal youth" in the genetic code of turtles.

Turtles rarely die of natural causes. Most often this is due to various diseases, predators and human factors. If it were not for the participation of these factors, one would only have to admire how many years turtles are able to live.

They have an excellent ability to stop their heartbeat and resume when needed. When the heart stops, the tortoise does not move, but as if freezes.

How long do turtles live on Earth?

According to research by scientists, these animals have been living on the planet for over 220 million years! There is a hypothesis that they were there even before the appearance of dinosaurs. They practically did not change and did not evolve, which is a rarity among all living things and organisms. This shows how well nature has created them. This is probably why turtles live for so many years and easily adapt to almost any habitat.

Therefore, if you are asked how long turtles live, you can confidently answer: on average, turtles live 25 years, and giant turtles from the Galapagos Islands - more than 200, and with a good coincidence, they can even more than 300 years.