Pig tattoo parlor

Now tattoos are no longer a part of the predominantly criminal world, the army and the navy. They appeared on the skin of many fashionable girls and young men of all kinds. Belgian artist Wim Delvoye decided to go much further and spread the fashion for tattoos on farm animals. In 2005, together with two tattoo artists, he opened a pig farm in China. On it he breeds tattooed ... pigs!

Animals are tattooed not only at the request of the artist, but also to order. Anyone who wishes can make an investment in a tattoo farm - after that one of the pigs will be painted according to his taste and it will be remotely owned by him until it reaches an age suitable for slaughter. Then the owner of the pig is given her tattooed skin. For memory.

Aesthetically, such tattoos look like they do on humans. Tattooed pigs - high realism, real art. By the way, pigs themselves are very similar to people (which is artistically meaningful many times - from Krylov and Orwell to the authors of our time). And if you add a drop of cultural context to the pig - everything: practically human.