The biggest pig

The largest and heaviest was a Chinese-Polish hog named Big Bill. He was so heavy that his stomach dragged along the ground. In 1933, its owner, W.D. Chappal took the animal to the world exhibition in Chicago.

Big Bill broke his leg when the truck was suddenly braked. To save the animal from its torment, the owner took him to a local garage, where he injected a lethal dose of chloroform. However, before the death of the hog, they did not forget to measure it.

Its weight was 1157, 3 kg, height at the withers 1, 52 m, length 2, 74 m. The Big Bill effigy stood in Weekley County, Tennessee until it was bought by a traveling circus.

After the death of the owner of the circus, his heirs sold the effigy and since then nothing is known about it.