Interesting facts about tigers

The tiger is the largest cat on Earth. The length of its body is from 1, 6 to 2, 9 m, sometimes more than 3 m. The length of the tail is up to 1, 14 m. Weight is up to 390 kg. The color is red, with black transverse stripes on the back and sides.

Lives in Southwest Asia and Southeast Asia, on the Indian subcontinent, in Primorye. Lives in forests and reed beds.

The tiger is solitary. He hunts mainly wild boars, deer and antelopes, walking 80-90 km per day. Prefers to ambush its victims. An adult tiger needs 7-9 kg of meat per day.

Man-eating tigers are very rare.

The female brings offspring every 2-3 years. Carries kittens for 100-112 days, and feeds them with milk for almost 6 months. Cubs can be from 1 to 7, but usually 2-4. Young tigers spend the first 2-3 years with their mother.

Maturity in tigers occurs after 2 years of age. The life span of these animals is 40-50 years, but in nature they usually die earlier.

The tiger is the only feline that is not afraid of water.