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The true long-livers of the earth are elephants, ravens and turtles. Their "century" is several hundred years old. A beluga lives up to 100 years and more, and the weight of such a long-liver reaches a ton.

A horse lives for about 35 years, a cow - 23 years, a dog - 20 years, a sheep - 14, an eagle - 50, a goldfinch - 25, a siskin - 25, a nightingale - 25, a sturgeon - 60 years.

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  1. zloy_benderovets

    The lifespan of an elephant is 60 - 70 years. But the pike can easily digest for a hundred: specimens of about 300 years old are known. The "Dog Age" varies quite a lot depending on the size of the animal - representatives of large breeds, as a rule, live less than small ones. For example, for a German shepherd, 20 years old - as for a person for more than a century.