A310 crash - a child was at the helm

March 22, 1994 in the area of ​​Mezhdurechensk (Kemerovo region) at 20:00. 58 minutes The Airbus A-310, belonging to the airline "Russian Airlines" and flying on the route Moscow - Hong Kong, crashed and crashed. There were 63 passengers and 12 crew members on board. The autopsy of the black boxes subsequently showed that the cause of the disaster was the human factor, the crew's poor knowledge of this type of equipment and gross violation of instructions.

3.5 hours after takeoff, the crew commander Yaroslav Kudrinsky called his two children into the cockpit - his daughter Yana and his son Eldar, where, in violation of the charter, he allowed his daughter and then his son to sit in the ship's commander's chair. This circumstance was ignored by the other crew members. In addition, in the cockpit was a friend of the Kudrinskys' family - Makarov, also a pilot who flew on the same flight as a passenger.

Before allowing the children to take the command chair, Kudrinsky turned on the autopilot. First, the commander's daughter, 13-year-old Yana Kudrinskaya, was in the pilot's seat. She did not try to take any action to control the plane. After her, the captain's son, 15-year-old Eldar Kudrinsky, sat at the helm. The teenager held on to the steering wheel, rocking it slightly from side to side. Everything was perceived as distraction and the adults did not control the teenager. At one point, the guy swung the steering wheel harder and the autopilot, taking it for the pilot's command, turned off. In one second, the plane became obedient to the teenager, who continued to play pilots.

The light signaling of disabling the autopilot mode went off, but the crew did not notice this, since the design feature of the A310 is the absence of an audible alarm for disabling the autopilot. Having tilted the steering wheel handle to the side again, the boy put the airbus into a deep roll, which soon reached 45 degrees and caused an overload of about 5g. In the first seconds, both professional pilots could not understand the reason for the abnormal behavior of the aircraft for several seconds. And when the crew members noticed that the autopilot was disabled, they tried to take their seats again.

Contrary to the instructions, the co-pilot, in the absence of the commander in his seat, pushed his seat back all the way, which for a long time did not allow him to take a working position due to the overloads that had arisen. And the aircraft commander could not get into his seat for a long time due to strong G-forces and a large roll angle.

The situation was greatly complicated by the fact that the only person who had the physical ability to fly the plane was still in the left seat - the commander's 15-year-old son, who received and tried to carry out various, inconsistent and contradictory commands from his father, co-pilot and Makarov. According to the analysis of the soundtrack of the "black box", Eldar's attempts to rectify the situation were greatly hampered by ignorance of the pilot's jargon. As an example, the command "Hold the steering wheel!" Was given, which the boy took for the command to hold the steering wheel in the extreme right position, while the pilots meant the command to level the plane.

In the meantime, the roll had already reached 90 °, and the plane began to lose altitude. In order to prevent a further decrease in the autopilot (only the roll automaton was turned off), the pitch angle increased to such an extent that the plane began to quickly lose speed and went into a stall. The co-pilot completely turned off the machine gun and managed to get the plane out of the stall by lowering the nose. The congestion lessened, and the commander finally managed to get his son out of his chair and take his workplace. The pilots brought the plane into normal flight mode, but could not recognize their spatial position in time. Flying over a hill at low altitude, the plane caught on the edges of trees and crashed into the forest near the village of Maly Maizas, about 20 kilometers southeast of Mezhdurechensk.

Crew talks, timeline

Symbols used in the text:

PIC - aircraft commander Ya.V. Kudrinsky

Yana - the daughter of the commander, born in 1981

Eldar - the son of the commander, born in 1978

2P - co-pilot I. V. Piskarev

Makarov - a pilot flying to Hong Kong as a passenger

E - someone from the cockpit

Before the disaster - about half an hour. The plane is flying on autopilot. In the cockpit are the aircraft commander, the co-pilot and two outsiders - the aircraft commander's daughter Yana and the passenger Makarov.

17:43:30: FAC [addressing his daughter Yana]: Come sit here now, on my chair, do you want?

17:43:31: PIC left his workplace

17: 43: 34-17: 43: 37: Yana sat down in the FAC chair

17:44:10: Yana: Dad, pick me up [Yana asked to lift her chair up] [11]

2P: Novosibirsk, Aeroflot, 593rd we are passing your point at flight level 10 100.

17:47:06: FAC: Well, Yana, will you fly?

Yana: No!

FAC: Don't press the buttons. Don't touch this red one!

Yana: Dad, can you twist this?

FAC: Do you see Novokuznetsk on the left?

Yana: Are we flying so low?

PIC: Ten thousand one hundred meters.

Yana: That's a lot, right?

FAC: A lot ...

Yana tries to leave the chair.

FAC: Wait, take your time ...

Yana: I'm already careful ...

17:51:12: Yana left the PIC chair

The son of the commander of the Eldar aircraft appears.

17:51:47: Makarov: The counter is being removed.

17:51:55: Eldar sat down in the PIC's chair.

17:52:46: Eldar [addressing Makarov]: Are you filming?

17:52:48: Makarov: I'm filming.

Eldar: Can I twist this?

17:54:25: PIC: Yes! If you turn left, where will the plane go?

Eldar: Left!

FAC: Turn! Turn left!

17:54:35: FAC: So, look beyond the ground where you will turn. Let's go left, turn left!

Eldar: Great!

17:54:37: FAC: Come on, huh?

17:54:39: Eldar turned the steering wheel to the left by 3-4 degrees.

17:54:40: PIC: Is the plane going to the left?

17:54:41: Eldar: Coming.

17:54:42: FAC: Not visible, right?

E: < nezb >

17:54:50: E: Now it will go to the right

17:54:53: Makarov: You put him on the artificial horizon normally.

17:05:05: The plane began to roll to the right.

17:55:12: FAC: What do you, Yana, want?

Yana: < nezb >

17:55:15: FAC [addressing Yana]: Why?

Yana: < nezb >

17:55:18: FAC [addressing Yana]: In first grade, you will only sleep.

17:55:27: FAC [addressing Yana]: Don't run there, otherwise we will be kicked out of work.

17:55:28: From that time on, unnoticed by either the PIC or the co-pilot, a gradual increase in the right bank began.

17:55:36: Eldar [about the course of the plane]: Why is he turning?

17:55:38: FAC: Does it turn itself?

17:55:40: Eldar: Yes.

17:55:41: E: Why does he turn?

17:55:42: Eldar: I don't know.

17:55:45: FAC: Will you miss the course?

17:55:45: Makarov: He still turns the zone, guys. [Makarov suggested that the plane is leaving the holding area]

17:55:46: 2P: We went to the waiting area.

17:55:48: PIC: Yes?

17:55:49: 2P: Of course.

17:55:50: Makarov: Re-bya-ta! [Thus Makarov reacted to the rapid increase in vertical overload in the aircraft]

17:55:52: FAC: Here you go! Hold the wheel, hold it!

17:55:55: 2P: Speed!

17:55:56: 2P: In the opposite direction.

17:55:58: 2P: In the opposite direction.

17:55:59: 2P: Back!

17:55:59: FAC: Turn left! Left! Right! Left!

17:56:06: E: Right?

17:56:08: E: Can't you see, what?

17:56:11: Autopilot disconnected.

17:56:14: E: Turn right.

17:56:17: FAC: Right!

17:56:18: 2P: Yes to the left! The earth is here!

17:56:24: FAC: Eldar, come out!

17:56:26: PIC: Crawl back.

17:56:28: FAC: Crawl back, Eldar.

17:56:30: E: You see < nezb > no?

17:56:34: 2P: Ore for small!

17:56:38: PIC: Come out!

17:56:40: E: Come out, Eldar.

17:56:41: E: Come out < nezb >.

17:56:43: E: Come out.

17:56:44: E: Come out.

17:56:47: E: < nezb >.

17:56:49: E: Come out.

17:56:52: E: Come out, I say.

17:56:54: 2P: Full throttle! Full throttle! Full throttle!

17:56:55: By this time, the PIC had taken his workplace.

17:56:56: 2P: Gave gas!

17:56:57: PIC: Full throttle!

17:56:58: 2P: Dal!

17:56:59: E: < nezb >.

17:57:00: E: Full throttle.

17:57:05: E: I gave gas, gave.

17:57:08: E: What speed?

17:57:09: E: < nezb >.

17:57:13: E: < nezb >.

17:57:17: E: Okay.

17:57:23: PIC: Full gas!

17:57:25: 2P: The speed is very high!

17:57:27: E: Big, huh?

17:57:28: E: Big.

17:57:29: E: I turned it on.

17:57:30: PIC: Okay, that's it, go out, go out.

17:57:32: FAC: Right! Right leg!

17:57:35: PIC: High speed.

17:57:36: PIC: Take the gases away!

17:57:37: 2P: I got it right!

17:57:42: FAC: Quiet-oh-oh-nechku!

17:57:47: 2P: B ... again!

17:57:48: E: Don't turn right.

17:57:50: E: Added speed.

17:57:53: PIC: Let's get out now! It's okay!

17:57:55: PIC: Slowly on yourself.

17:57:56: PIC: Slowly.

17:57:57: FAC: Slowly, I say!

17:58:01: Airplane hitting the ground.

In the course of an investigation carried out jointly by Aeroflot and Airbus, changes were made to the aircraft documentation and the Aeroflot pilot training plan. And when flying on simulators, performed by Russian instructor pilot Vladimir Biryukov together with Airbus test pilots, it turned out that if both pilots could not reach the controls, the automatic control system would be able to intercept control and quickly restore a straight-line safe flight.