Where is the mysterious country Belovodye

In 1043, an elderly man suddenly appeared in Kiev, who, calling himself monk Sergius, said that at the end of the 10th century he was sent by Prince Vladimir in search of a mysterious country called Belovodye. A whole detachment was assigned to accompany Sergius. Several years of unsuccessful searches led to the fact that many warriors died on the way, and others, unable to withstand the difficulties, left the elder.

Only Sergius stubbornly continued his search for Belovodye. When he was completely exhausted, two people suddenly appeared in front of him, who took the stranger to their village. Which, as it turned out, was in Belovodye. Sergius lived there for many years, but one day he woke up in an unfamiliar area. And I decided to find my way back to Kiev.

What kind of country Belovodye is, does it really exist, and if it exists, then where to look for it? These questions occupied more than one generation of our ancestors. Even today, there are those who are sure that the mysterious country has survived and you can try to find it.

In Russian folk legends, Belovodye is a paradise on earth. But not everyone is destined to get there. Anyone who dares to search, it is necessary to cleanse himself of bad thoughts, and only then set off on the road. But where to go, there is no exact answer. According to some sources, Belovodye is located in the Urals, according to others - in Siberia. That's why a mysterious country, why should everyone know about its location?

In the 17th century, not only families, but entire villages left in search of Belovodye. Among the Old Believers, persecuted for refusing to accept the church reform, there were rumors that it was possible to hide from persecution only in Belovodye. People went to Altai, to Transbaikalia, to Yakutia. Everyone had their own way to this country. After all, there are no evil rulers and unjust laws, and life is built on ancient piety. Few returned back. Most likely, they died on the road. But, people believed in a miracle - they did not return, because they found Belovodye.

It is interesting that not only peasants, tired of unbearable taxes and extortions, believed in the existence of the Belovodye country. The famous Russian traveler of the 19th century, Nikolai Mikhailovich Przhevalsky, during his expeditions did not abandon the thought of finding, if not Belovodye, then at least reliable information about the mysterious land. In his reports, he noted that he saw hundreds of people who went "in search of the promised land of Belovodye." Przhevalsky even assumed that people who know the way to Belovodye are specially hired as guides in order to lead unwanted guests away from their cherished goal.

There is information that the last Russian emperor Nicholas II also sent an expedition in search of the legendary country. He could not come to terms with the fact that on the territory under his control there is a country about which even the monarch knows nothing!

In the twenties of the last century, the artist and philosopher Nicholas Roerich was looking for a way to Belovodye, who wrote that "Orthodox Christians live in this country and there is no persecution for their faith." Roerich heard a legend in Altai that Belovodye is located here. You need to go through Bogogorshi, Kokushi and Ergor. There, in the valley, the country is located, where "the Highest knowledge and the Highest wisdom".

The Belovodye mystery remains unsolved even in the 21st century, when it seems that “white spots” on geographical maps simply cannot exist. Probably, one of the Altai Old Believers was right when he said: "Belovodye is nobody's, Belovodye is God's."