How the king of Italy met his double at a restaurant

Scientists claim that almost each of us has a double with whom we are like two peas in a pod. At the same time, people may not be relatives, and even live in completely different eras. For example, it is believed that the Russian ruler Peter I and the Roman emperor Julius Caesar were strikingly similar to each other. And Briton Leonard Gibbs was so similar to Paul McCartney that he had to literally run away from fans who mistook him for one of the Beatles.

Our Emperor Nicholas II and King George the Fifth of Great Britain were very similar to each other. True, this was not surprising - they were cousins. In their youth, even their relatives confused them. Moreover, the age difference between the two monarchs was small - only three years.

An even more amazing story happened in 1900 with the King of Italy Umberto I. It all began on July 28 of that year, when the king and his adjutant stopped by for a bite to eat at a small restaurant in the town of Monza, located a few kilometers from Milan. It is not surprising that the owner of the establishment himself came out to serve such distinguished guests.

The king was dumbfounded, barely looking at the owner of the establishment. It seemed to him that he saw his own reflection in the mirror. The monarch invited the restaurateur to sit with him at the same table, and asked - what is his name? The answer was shocking - "Umberto". The more the king questioned his interlocutor, the more he was amazed.

It turned out that they were born on the same day - March 14, 1844. Even their wives bore the same name - Margarita. Each had a son named Vittorio. Then it turned out that in the army they participated in the same battles. Even the awards were received on the same day.

After the war, each of them began "career growth" - on January 8, 1878, Umberto ascended the Italian throne, and his double opened his own restaurant that day. The king decided that their acquaintance should not end there and invited his double to attend athletics competitions the next day, especially since it turned out that they were both fond of this sport.

But, the meeting at a restaurant in Monza was the last. The restaurateur Umberto did not appear at the meeting appointed by the king. The ruler was informed that he was dead. According to one version, from a robber's bullet, according to another - from a random shot. Umberto I said thoughtfully: "Not everything coincided in our destinies." And at the same moment he fell dead, struck by the bullet of the anarchist Gaetano Bresci. The king shared the fate of his twin, born and died with him on the same day.

More than a hundred years have passed since that moment. It is difficult to say what is true in this story, and what, for more intrigue, was invented at a later time. But the famous Russian poet P.A.Vyazemsky assured that he also had a chance to meet with his double. Moreover, under even more mysterious circumstances.

The poet was returning home in the evening to Nevsky Prospect. I saw a light in the window of my office. But, the servant assured him that no one entered the office. Opening the door, Vyazemsky saw a man sitting at his table. Moreover, he was an exact copy of the poet. Pyotr Andreyevich fainted, and when he woke up, there was no one in the office. But, on the table there was a receipt stating that this mysterious stranger was the poet Vyazemsky.