Unusual rains

Rain is a common occurrence, and it is difficult to surprise anyone with it. But sometimes funny precipitations happen.

For example, in October 1755, rain fell on the Swiss city of Locarno, resembling blood in color, and red snow fell in the Alps. It turned out that dust was transferred from the Sahara Desert to Switzerland by a gust of wind. And this is about 3, 000 kilometers.

In China, frog rain fell on the eve of the 2008 Sichuan earthquake.

On January 15, 1877, snakes hit the streets of Memphis during a downpour. Moreover, some of them were very impressive in size - up to half a meter.

Quite often, when it rains, frogs fall from the sky. One of these "frog" rains took place on June 16, 1939 in Trowbridge (Great Britain). The hurricane lifted them from the surrounding swamps and threw them onto the city. And in Honduras, such rains have been occurring regularly since the 19th century. There, not only frogs but also fish fall to the ground.

In the 60s of the last century, precipitation in the form of ... cream regularly fell on one of the US cities. The explanation was simple enough: there was a plant for the production of powdered corn syrup in the city. When the cleaning pipes became clogged, the powder was released into the air. Local residents claimed that even the fog in their city had become sticky.

There was a rainstorm in Florida in 1969. Suddenly, golf balls hit the ground with raindrops. There were several dozen of them. Which of the golf lovers ended up without equipment remained a mystery.

In December 1974, boiled eggs fell on a school in Berkshire, England for several days in a row.

On May 11, 1984, hail fell in the Vicksburg area (USA). A frozen turtle was found in one of the hailstones. Somehow, she was caught in a thundercloud and covered with a layer of ice.

In 1990, a cow fell from the sky on a Japanese fishing vessel in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk. The ship sank to the bottom from a powerful blow, and the crew had to be rescued. By the way, the fishermen said that several animals fell.

In 2001 in the UK, and in 2007 in the United States, rainfall with earthworms fell.

However, such phenomena happen not only in distant countries, we also have something to be proud of. The rain that passed on June 17, 1940 in the Gorky region near the village of Meshchera can safely compete for the title of the most unusual. On that day, silver coins of the 16th and 17th centuries fell from the sky. It's hard to say where this money came from: a hurricane raised a treasure in the sky or someone's stash for a rainy day? But the fact remains.

The American Charles Fort (1874 - 1932) has been researching such phenomena for many years. He managed to collect over 60, 000 photographs, newspaper and magazine clippings describing unusual rains.