Jack Bouncy is the grandfather of all "super heroes"

In February 1837, England was shocked by an incredible event, or rather the appearance of an incredible man, whom eyewitnesses described as a demon with burning eyes with sharp ears and a long humped nose, in a black cloak over white clothes. But it was not this that attracted the attention of the public, most of all, the ability of this subject to jump from place to a height of four five meters was struck. Newspapers quickly picked up the news and christened the unknown Jack Bouncy.

Reports of the appearance of Jack the Jumper came from different parts of London, but the authorities did not take them seriously, especially since the unknown jumper did not attack anyone, but only frightened impressionable townspeople with his appearance and unusual behavior, it seemed that he was enjoying the demonstration of his unusual ability ... However, a huge number of complaints soon led to the fact that the mayor of the city announced a reward for the capture of Jack Bouncy, dead or alive. And a real hunt began, in places of his frequent appearance they set traps and traps, the townspeople patrolled the streets, but this did not give any results. However, there are reports that Jack Bouncy was shot twice, but the bullets did not cause him any harm, and Jack disappeared with a vicious laugh in an unknown direction.

From 1850 to 1860, reports of an unknown jumper came from different cities of England, and after a long break, Jack the Jumper appeared only on October 10, 1904 and demonstrated to the amazed townspeople jumping to a height of ten twelve meters. This was his last appearance. Although legends about him have been circulating in London for a long time, many versions have been put forward about the nature of Jack Bouncy. One of them - Jumping was still a man with unique physical abilities for jumping. The most popular version: Jack Jumping was an alien from another planet. The most probable hypothesis is that Jack Jumping got into our world from another dimension. On our planet, this is not the only case of the appearance of various monsters, which then suddenly disappeared without a trace.

However, Jack markedly inherited in modern literature and even became the impetus for the development of a new genre: a lot of articles and even a couple of books were written about the jumper, Jack the Jumper became the prototype of the "heroes" that became popular in the XX century comics.