Kyshtym dwarf Aleshenka

Despite many understatements, this incredible story is distinguished from thousands of others by the presence of photo-video evidence of its veracity. It all started in the summer of 1996 in the regional center of Kyshtym near Chelyabinsk, when a local madwoman picked up a strange humanoid creature at the cemetery - only 25 centimeters in height. The newcomer lived among people for two weeks, and then died. But this is not the end of the story ...

Pensioner Tamara Vasilievna Prosvirina had a passion - in the late evenings she went to the Kyshtym cemetery. She talked with the dead there, collected various abandoned things - either she would raise a mourning wreath, then she would bring a photograph from the monument home and hang it on the wall. They say she had a whole gallery of tombstones in her house. Here, of course, it is necessary to make a reservation that Tamara Vasilievna was ill. With a diagnosis of schizophrenia, she was registered for a long time at the Chelyabinsk neuropsychiatric dispensary. So her habit of collecting portraits of unfamiliar deceased did not surprise anyone in the village.

And so, in mid-July (Tamara Vasilyevna did not tell anyone the exact date) Prosvirina found herself near the grave of "Aunt Vali Ledovskaya."

“I’m looking, and something has been dug in the grave mound, ” she later told the doctors. - I raked the earth with my hands, and this is a bundle - a cloth of such a beetroot color. I unrolled the rag, and there - my boy, Alyoshenka Nice. Someone buried him upside down. I took him in my arms, and he was alive. He opened his eyes and squealed softly.

It is not known why Tamara Vasilievna decided to call this creature Alyoshenka Pretty. But it is known that the creature was not a man: no genitals were found on its body. Alyoshenka did not even have a navel. Alyoshenka's body was gray-green, "like the screen of a turned off TV." His head, reminiscent of a pointed ancient Russian helmet, was, as it were, folded from four petals. There was a small crease in the middle of the face, almost not separating two huge eyes with vertical cat pupils. By the way, these eyes did not close for centuries, but, as it were, tumbled into the inside of the head. In place of the ears, the creature had tiny holes. The mouth was a slit with two small teeth and a clearly atrophied lower jaw. But the arms and legs were much more mobile than in humans, due to the special structure of the joints, the long fingers ended in claws.

Alyoshenka awakened long-forgotten maternal feelings in Tamara Vasilyevna. She was sure that Alyoshenka Nice was a helpless baby who had lost his parents.

“He had such clever eyes, ” she later told the doctors of the mental hospital. - Such pitiful eyes. He looks as if he wants to say something, but cannot. And only something squeals in its own way ...

The pensioner brought Alyoshenka home - to a standard apartment of a five-story block building, and tried to feed him there. Since, according to the woman, the boy's teeth had not yet grown, she ran to the neighbors for condensed milk. She dipped her finger in condensed milk and gave it to lick. The boy liked it. Alyoshenka ate half a can at a time.

By the way, as the neighbors in the staircase later recalled, the very next day Prosvirina announced that she had a son, Alyoshenka Nice, whom she, as she promised, when he learned to walk, would write down in her last name. But then none of the tenants paid attention to this - you never know what a mentally ill woman can dream of?

A week later, Tamara Vasilievna went to visit her daughter-in-law, Tamara Nikolaevna Prosvirina. We sat, drank, talked. When it came to the second bottle of vodka, Tamara Vasilievna admitted:

- And I have a son ...

Here is what Tamara Prosvirina's daughter-in-law, also Tamara, says:

- Then I worked on a rotational basis as a cook. Sergey's husband was in prison. And my mother-in-law lived alone, I visited her once every two weeks. Once I came to her, laying out the products in the kitchen. And she suddenly says: “We ought to feed the baby too!” I thought that she had an exacerbation of the disease, this had happened to her before. And she led me to the bed. I looked: there was something squeaking. Rather, it whistles. The mouth sticks out with a tube, moves the tongue. He's scarlet, with a spatula. And two teeth are visible. Looked closely: it does not look like a child. The head is brown, the body is gray, the skin is without veins. The eyelids are not visible before our eyes. And a meaningful look! There are no genitals. And instead of the navel, there is a smooth place. The head is an onion, there are no ears, only holes. And eyes like a cat. The pupil expands and contracts. The fingers on the arms and legs are long. The legs are folded in a trapezoid. The mother-in-law asked: "Where does this monster come from?" And she replied that she had found it in the forest and called it "Alyoshenka". I put a caramel in my mouth, he began to suck it. And he drank water from a spoon. I thought it was an animal. My mother still saw him, Galina Artemyevna Alferova.

According to 74-year-old Galina Artemievna:

- I often visited Tamara's apartment. She was sick in the head. Therefore, I visited her, no matter what happened. Her son, my daughter's husband, is in prison. And Tamara then worked as a cook on a rotational basis. So I visited. I'll bring you some groceries and help you clean up. Although she was crazy, she was good-natured. And she courted herself. Well, I came, and in the next room it seems like a kitten squeaks. The matchmaker had a two-room apartment, now we have sold it. I ask: "What are you, Tamara, got a kitten?" And she says, "No, baby." I told her: "What kind of baby?" And she says: "Alyoshenka. Found in the forest." - "So show!" Let's go to the next room. I saw something lying across her bed, wrapped in a colorful rag. She unfolded it and showed it to me. So wonderful! At first I thought it was an obsession. Crossed herself - does not disappear! At this point I grew bolder and came closer. And he, as he saw me, whistled. Well, sort of like a gopher in the field, but quietly. I think he was trying to say something.

- Maybe it's still a premature baby?

- Well no. I've seen so many people in my life, and premature babies too. "Alyoshenka" does not look like a baby at all. The head is not a pumpkin, but like a helmet: pointed and without hair. And the fontanelles are not visible on it. The fingers are long, thin and sharp, like claws. Five on each arm and leg.

The body was at first plump and swayed like jellied meat. It was he who withered after death.

A week later, the pensioner felt bad. Naked, wrapped in a sheet, she walked along the porch and frightened the inhabitants with the upcoming end of the world. The neighbors called an ambulance from the city. Tamara Vasilievna did not oppose hospitalization, but she only asked that Aleshenka Horoshenky be taken to the hospital, who would disappear without her ...

The first rule of all psychiatric ambulances is not to resist or refute the delusions of patients. Therefore, the doctors, having convinced Prosvirina that her son Nice was already waiting for her in the hospital ward, put the woman on a stretcher and hastily left the apartment. The bundle with Alyoshenka remained on the sofa.

From the story of investigator Vladimir Bradlin:

A certain Vladimir Faridovich Nurdinov, a swindler and a thief, was involved in one case. He stole non-ferrous metals and wires. And so, in early August 1996, we detained him on suspicion of another theft, and during interrogation he said that he had a mummy of an alien creature. Say, Tamara Prosvirina found an alien, and when they took her to the madhouse, the alien stayed at her house. And after two or three days her daughter-in-law decided to go to her grandmother's apartment and check - suddenly the orderlies did not turn off the gas or the light, the door was not closed ... A Tamarkin's roommate started drinking at that time, so she asked her other friend, Nurdinov, to go with her for company.

It was on the sofa in Prosvirina's apartment that Vladimir Nurdinov found Aleshenka's corpse. Looking at the alien, he immediately realized that the remains of an alien creature could be sold and a lot of money could be rescued. But it was also necessary to somehow save the corpse. Vladimir Faridovich solved this problem in a very original way. He took the newcomer to his garage, where he laid him on the roof heated by the sun. And, according to him, literally in three hours Alyoshenka dried up properly, turning into a mummy.

When investigator Bradlin found out about Nurdinov's confession, he did not believe a single word of him. But nevertheless, together with a partner, they decided to go home to the detainee and inspect the mummy, since they were sure that it was either a dead newborn or a victim of a criminal abortion.

His mother opened the door for us, and she immediately began to unlock everything, - says investigator Bradlin. - But we intimidated her with criminal liability for hiding the traces of a crime, forced to get a mummy out of the closet. As soon as I saw her, I shuddered with disgust ... And as if someone had burned her hands with nettles, it became so unpleasant. And, you know, the smell struck me the most. I just got a nauseating lump in my throat from this. But it was not the smell of rotting protein matter ... But believe me, I sniffed everyone for the service - I had to pull out the drowned, and the hanged, and the burned, and dig up rotten corpses from the graves ... So, this mummy smelled different how a rotting human corpse might smell. It smelled like epoxy mixed with rags ...

In any case, having taken a nondisclosure agreement from Nurdinov's parents, investigator Bradlin seized Aleshenka Horoshenky's mummy. And put it in the freezer of the fridge.

So Captain Bradlin began his own investigation of the activities of aliens on earth. First of all, he borrowed a household video camera from one victim and filmed Alyoshenka's mummy. The quality of the recording turned out to be bad, and he duplicated the shooting with his old Zenit camera. By the way, today these pictures and videotape are the only evidence of the existence of Alyoshenka on Earth.

Then the investigator took explanatory notes from all the witnesses who saw Khoroshenky alive. In addition to Prosvirina the elder herself, there were four more people like her - her daughter-in-law, roommate Nagovsky, a friend of her daughter-in-law, who once came to see Alyoshenka drunk, and a neighbor boy who brought condensed milk to the alien.

After that, Aleshenka's little body was transferred to the local pathoanatomical bureau in order to establish who this creature is.

Lyubov Stepanovna Romashova, paramedic of the forensic medical examination bureau, and Stanislav Yuryevich Samoshkin, a pathologist at the regional hospital, recall:

In 1996, at the request of the police, I examined an unknown creature. According to the person who found him, the gynecologist (Irina Ermolaeva and urologist Igor Uskov) recognized an embryo in this creature. The examination took place in the sectional hall, in the presence of the district police officer.

The corpse was mummified, the internal organs were missing, only the skeleton and the remnants of the skin were presented. The creature had a length of about 25 cm. I was struck by the fact that the skull is tower-shaped, consists of four bones - occipital, frontal and two parietal-temporal. Moreover, there is no clear division between the temporal and parietal bones. The peculiarities of the structure of the skull include the fact that the cerebral section predominated over the facial one.

According to all anthropological indicators, this creature should be classified as reasonable, that is, not in the category of animals, because it is known that the same monkeys have a smaller cerebral cavity than a face. The pelvic bones are shaped like the bipedal. The arms and legs were twisted, the fingers could not be seen, because the corpse was mummified. Internal organs were missing.

In 1996, at the beginning of August, they brought us the mummified corpse of a little man. This is not to say that it was a child or a miscarriage. In a word, a small corpse. His skin was half-decayed in the abdomen and on the limbs.

The bones were intact. Regular handles, legs. The tissues are preserved on the back and in the shoulder area. The head was in the form of a helmet, the skull consisted of four bones connected at the top. There were no auricles. Very large almond shaped eye sockets. The remaining areas of the skin on the back and shoulders were grayish-brownish - I think it's all from the sun, the fabric dries up and gives that color.

This little man, as he was called - "Alyoshenka", still did not crawl, but walked upright, like an ordinary person. I think so. It is a pity that he disappeared. It was a very interesting, unique case. A scientist would get to know him better!

I have been working as a laboratory assistant in a hospital for a very long time. Of course, he doesn't look like a miscarriage, this "Alyoshenka". At that time I did not think that this extraterrestrial creature was unusual, and that was all. And of course, it doesn't look like a miscarriage, because the structure of the bones and the head is very strange. A human miscarriage cannot have this.

When he was brought to us, there was no decree or direction for autopsy, and without them we have no right to do this. Therefore, we refused to open it. And yet - there was no expert. And so it would be possible to open it even for the sake of curiosity ... Well, that's all. Then they took him away and I don't even know where.

The investigation, as they say, reached a dead end, and then one of Bradlin's colleagues showed the investigator a clipping from some UFO newspaper, which described the activities of the "Star Academy" from the neighboring town of Kamensk-Uralsky. We called the star academics and asked them to drive up for consultations. Academicians rushed to Kyshtym two hours later and took Alyushenka, ostensibly for research. The head of this organization, Galina Semenkova, an intelligent, polite, intellectually advanced woman, said that this was a state-level case and reprimanded the investigators for their amateur performance. After a while, they phoned Zhemaldinov and told him that this was an ordinary miscarriage ...

Soon this story took a new turn, almost detective. Information about the strange creature reached the media, and the reaction went like circles on water. Journalists from all over Russia and not only came in large numbers. Hearing about the amazing phenomenon, even Japanese researchers came, but the truth slipped away like water between fingers, since Alyoshenka's corpse was already gone, and his "mother" was no longer alive ...

According to one version, Semenkova told the press that aliens took Aleshenka's corpse during transportation to a research center, according to another, Semenkova tried to sell the mummy to an influential businessman from Yekaterinburg. In 1997, a criminal case was opened against the businessman, and during the search the operatives found Aleshenka's body and handed it over to the relevant authorities.

And Tamara Vasilievna Prosvirina, according to the villagers, died under very strange circumstances. Late in the evening on August 5, 1999, Tamara left the house without shoes, in socks - according to eyewitnesses, there was the impression that someone had called her. Moreover, the neighbors saw that there were two cars and they converged in that place, so that the woman had no chance to survive.

Interesting that:

The remaining diapers of "Alyoshenka" made it possible to carry out a genetic analysis of the creature.

Three independent examinations have proven that there are no human genes in the samples taken. Later, a fourth, state examination was carried out, but it did not find anything strange in the genes of "Alyoshenka". In the conclusion of the scientists, it was said that the samples belong to a "human female embryo"

According to ufologists from "kosmopoisk", Kyshtym is one of the most popular cities in the world among aliens. Every year, locals see dozens of unexplained phenomena and UFOs.

Creatures like "Alyoshenka" were also found in South America. The last time the "relative" of the "Kyshtym newcomer" was found in Chile was in 2003.