Died twice

A unique, even paranormal incident occurred in Brazil. According to The Sun, citing Brazilian media, two-year-old Calvin Santos died in hospital from pneumonia, his body was handed over to relatives for burial.

The next day, about an hour before his funeral, the boy sat in the coffin and said, "Dad, I'm thirsty." In the room at that moment, in addition to the father of the child, Antonio Santos, there were several other people close to the family.

Everyone who was present at this incredible event was shocked by what they saw, shouted that a miracle had happened. Only a few seconds later, the boy sank back into the coffin and again ceased to show signs of life. The father urgently took Kelvin to the hospital, but the doctors stated that the child was dead. A second time.

It took about 20 hours between the moment when the child's death was first registered and the moment when, according to the father, his son got up and asked for water. The parents waited a few more hours with the burial, but then they nevertheless decided to bury their son.

According to the father, the doctors pronounced death too quickly, the child could still be saved. The doctors themselves do not comment on the words of the father that his dead son came to life for a few seconds.