Interesting facts about the brownie

Brownie - the Slavic peoples have a domestic spirit, a mythological master and patron of the house, ensuring the normal life of the family, the health of people and animals, and fertility. Sometimes a deceased family member is considered a brownie, the ancestor of a clan, who was appointed by God for sins to serve the living household.

The brownie has a lot, the most popular: brownie, brownie, brownie grandfather, belor. damavik, blaster; and sometimes he is simply called the OWNER.

He differs from demons in that he does not do evil, but only jokes sometimes, even provides services if he loves the owner or mistress. Before death, someone from the family howls, sometimes even shows himself to someone, knocks, slams doors, etc. According to the general belief, he lives in the winters near the stove or on the stove, and if the owner has horses and a stable, he is placed near the horses ...

The brownie looks like an overgrown little grandfather covered with dark shaggy wool from head to toe.

If the brownie fell in love with the family, then he warns of misfortune, guards the house and yard; otherwise, he beats and bangs dishes, shouts, stomps, etc. He curls his hair and beards into braids to the one he loves, and he bruises the one he doesn’t love.

It also piles on the sleeping person during the night and presses him, so that at this time you can neither move nor say a word. Usually this attack falls on the one who sleeps on his back, at this time they ask, for better or for better, and the brownie answers with a gloomy voice - "yes" or "no".

It is believed that he does not like mirrors, also goats, as well as those who sleep near the threshold or under the threshold. Sometimes they hear him, sitting in the master's place, doing the master's work, while nothing of this is visible.

Most often, the brownie gives information to the oldest person in the family. These can be dreams, prophecies, signs, hints, knocks, any images seen with peripheral vision.

They say that the brownie does not like the lazy. If the brownie does not love the owner, then he begins to mischief, in this case, before the threshold of the house, the skull or head of a goat is buried in the ground, and if his leprosy is expressed in spontaneous combustion of objects, bad graffiti on the walls, and so on, then the brownie should be shown Who is the head in this house. It is necessary to take in hand a scarecrow with an iron tip (whip) or a belt and go around the house and quilting furniture, walls, floors and things and sentence in an imperious and strong voice:

Know your place, know your place.

You brownie should guard the house, take care of the economy, Yes, please the hostess, and not fight, Know your place, know your place.

In the old days, new settlers invited brownies to a new house, because they believed that it would protect and protect the owners from harm.

On February 10, according to folk tradition, Kudesy is celebrated - the day of treating the brownie. On this day, it is customary to treat and placate the owner of the house.

From the moment of its release to this day, the Soviet cartoon about the Domvenka Kuzya is one of the most popular and beloved cartoons among children in Russia and on the territory of the former USSR.

"All this is of course interesting, but where are the facts" - you ask. And the fact is that a few days ago the brownie came to my father at night to strangle him. Around midnight the phone rang, but my dad decided not to get up (like who needs to call back in the morning) and a few minutes later he heard approaching footsteps and the rustle of a raincoat, someone invisible piled on his chest. The father was very frightened, closed his eyes and began to read a prayer, then the owner let go and left. And the next day the dog got very sick, more than a week they pumped out the whole family. My father is not a drinker and did not really believe in evil spirits. But the fact remains ... whether we believe in brownies or not, they still exist.