What can you tell by smell?

Everyone knows that the sense of smell is the sense of smell, the ability to detect the smell of substances scattered in the air. But you have no idea how strong a sense organ is.

In newborn babies, the sense of smell is highly developed, but in one year of life it is lost by 40-50%. A study conducted on the basis of a survey of 10.7 million people showed a decrease in the sensitivity of smell with age for all 6 studied smells. Odor discrimination also decreased. The effect of age was more significant than that of gender, with women retaining their sense of smell until an older age than men.

It turns out that there are many subconscious, subtle things that we could not feel without the help of the nose.

  • 10) You can determine the approximate age of a person by smell.

You're probably familiar with the idea that older people don't smell good. Whether it's a first-hand experience, or just a feature of our culture, most people are beginning to accept the "old human smell" as a fact of life. And, surprisingly, we are not mistaken.

In a study in which napkins were placed in the armpits of people and then given to other people for "olfactory examination", experts concluded that we can easily distinguish people over 75 by smell.

Curiously, this smell is not necessarily bad. According to scientists, negative perceptions around the concept of "old person smell" have more to do with fear of old age than with negative reactions to the unpleasant odor of someone's body.

  • 9) Waking up due to smell

Many of us have been drinking coffee regularly since coffee became one of the most popular psychoactive substances in the world. But according to one study, you don't have to drink it to get all the benefits it claims.

By studying the effects of its scent on experimental rats, scientists found that the scent of coffee triggers the brain to produce a protein that protects nerve cells from stress. This is exactly what coffee does for us when we drink it.

  • 8) The smell of fear can be felt.

Contrary to what this might sound like a movie ad campaign slogan, the ability to smell fear is something that people actually develop in order to protect themselves.

We have not only learned to identify the smell of fear in other people, but we also begin to be afraid ourselves after we understand what our nose has now caught the smell of.

This idea is evolutionarily explained by the fact that humans, like all social animals, are most powerful when acting in a group. If one person is so panicked that they cannot communicate their emotions in any way, their smell (as well as their body language) will be transmitted to the whole group and spread within it.

This will help coordinate the actions of other people.

In our time, we do not often meet with predators. But there are horror films that are shown in theaters, so this principle works in the old way.

  • 7) Women feel masculine arousal

Often men think that they are excellent at hiding their states and intentions, but scientific studies have shown that it is not so easy for them to hide their arousal from a woman. She can determine by smell how much a man is "turned", and a woman does this not only on a subconscious level.

In a study in which a woman's nose inhaled the smell of cloth soaked in the sweat of excited men, it was shown that a special area of ​​the brain is activated in women, which is usually associated with the perception of emotions in other people.

Men are different. While women have a distinct advantage when it comes to recognizing the true intentions of their potential sex partners, men have a different ability.

  • 6) Men smell ovulation.

If a man's ability to understand a woman's sexual arousal is a purely subconscious feature, then identifying the time when a woman is ready to become pregnant has nothing to do with the subconscious.

In one experiment, scientists found that heterosexual men sniffing T-shirts of either women who are ovulating or women of childbearing age, noted them as "sexier and more attractive" compared to T-shirts of women who are not ready to get pregnant.

Apparently, men are able to detect this scent by inhaling the scent of clothes that have been worn for a week.

  • 5) We are able to feel sexual compatibility.

Looking at the results of various studies on the topic of sexual preference depending on different body odors, an interesting picture emerges: sexuality is actually detected by smell.

If a heterosexual man is given to study the smell of a T-shirt of homosexual and heterosexual men and women, then in 100 percent of cases he finds the smell of a heterosexual woman the most pleasant, in contrast to the smell of a representative of any other group.

This principle is also true for homosexuals, they are attracted by the smell of the same as themselves.

While the findings are unlikely to sound convincing, they do come with strong scientific support. Homosexuality is a neuroscience business, not a human choice.

  • 4) We can sense the direction of the smell.

It turns out that all people are born with the ability to "egocentric localization". This is the ability to indicate the original direction of the smell without unnecessary turns of the head.

The system works in the same way as in the case of sound direction detection. This is a skill that absolutely everyone possesses, but the development of which most of us have never worried about.

  • 3) Smell will help you get better on your test or exam.

All of the above so far, for sure, was unexpected, but not particularly useful discovery for you. Now, for someone who wants to really improve their day: you can use your nose to get the highest marks.

You probably know that smells are able to revive old memories in your memory, but you may not know that without smelling, you most likely will not be able to remember anything at all.

It turns out that our sense of smell is much more closely related to memory than we can imagine: it stimulates the ability to remember certain things, as well as the ability to do those things.

Therefore, the next time you study something, while smearing yourself with lavender oil, do not forget to take some of it with you when you go for testing.

  • 2) Women determine by smell how sexy a man is

Many of us have heard that facial symmetry is one of the most important factors in human attraction. But research shows that symmetry isn't just about what we see, it's also about smell.

In another study on smelling T-shirts, scientists noticed that women rated the odor of symmetrical men higher than asymmetrical ones. Even though they have never seen, smelled or met these men before.

Basically, sexy people smell sexy, and so do their clothes.

  • 1) By smell, we can tell how healthy our offspring will be.

People constantly make their choice of a sexual partner depending on how histocompatible they are with a particular person. The main histocompatible complex is the collection of molecules in the body that fight bacteria and viruses.

Choosing a partner whose complex is different from ours improves the histocompatible complex of our children. This suggests that they will have a stronger immune system and will be more resistant to various diseases.

Therefore, we choose a partner with the opposite of our complex, and the sense of smell is largely the only way that helps us discover this compatibility.

The best advice for young people looking to find a partner for a serious relationship is: follow your nose.