Interesting facts about Judas

Interestingly, Jesus had 2 Judas in his disciples. But the one who sold the Son of God bore the nickname "Iscariot" among the apostles. Judas received it to distinguish him from another disciple of Christ, Judas, the son of Jacob, nicknamed Thaddeus. Referring to the geographical location of the city of Kerioth, the researchers say that Iscariot was the only native of Judea among the apostles (the rest were Galileans).

Judah (Yehuda) - praise of the Lord, "praise or glorified", Iscariot - man (husband) of the city, settlement, kerioth, kerioth, kiriath.

Judas Iscariot was born on April 1, it is said in the beliefs of Lusatians and Poles - this day is considered unlucky.

About the young years of Judas Iscariot narrates "The Legend of Jerome about Judas the traitor." According to legend, the parents of Judas Iscariot throw the newborn in the ark into the sea, as they have a dream that their son will be the death of the parents. After many years spent on the island of Iscariot, Judas returns, kills his father and commits the sin of incest with his mother.

According to the apocryphal "The Arab Gospel of the Savior's Childhood" (Chapter 35 [Jude]) Judas Iscariot lived in the same village with Jesus and was possessed by Satan. When his mother brought him to the little Christ for treatment, Judas, angry, bit Jesus on the side, after which he burst into tears and was healed. “And the side of Jesus, which Judas wounded him, the Jews then pierced with a spear.” Subsequently, Judas Iscariot was accepted as a disciple of Christ.

The Kiss of Judas (Kiss of Judas) is a plot from the Gospel story, when Judas Iscariot betrayed Christ, pointing at him to the guard, kissing him at night in the Garden of Gethsemane after praying for the cup. This kiss was a secret sign pointing to Jesus.

By the way, according to some opinions, the kiss of the Jews when greeting each other symbolizes the kiss of Judas on that unfortunate night.

Having betrayed the Savior for 30 pieces of silver, Judas Iscariot realized that he had made an irreparable mistake. After Jesus Christ was sentenced to crucifixion, Judas repented and returned 30 pieces of silver to the high priests and elders, saying: "I sinned by betraying innocent blood." They told him: "What do we care about?" And, throwing the pieces of silver in the Temple, Judas went and hanged himself. (Matt 27: 5). According to the most widespread version, Judas Iscariot hanged himself on an aspen or an elder; according to other beliefs, Judas wanted to hang himself on a birch, and she turned white from fear; in Poland it is also believed that Judas hanged himself on a rowan tree.

The name Judas has become a household name for betrayal. According to legend, Judas was paid for betraying 30 pieces of silver (30 silver shekels, which is comparable to the cost of a slave of that time), which are also often used as a symbol of the traitor's reward. The Kiss of Judas has become an idiom for the highest degree of deceit.

The Gospel of Judas is an ancient treatise written by scholars in the 1st century AD. and unrecognized by the official church. In this gospel, Judas Iscariot is shown as the only disciple to whom Jesus Christ reveals all the mysteries of the Kingdom.

According to the legends Judas Iscariot became the first Vampire after his death. That is why all vampires are afraid of silver (took 30 pieces of silver) and aspen (hanged himself on an aspen).