Interesting facts about movers

It is safe to say that a loader is one of the most ancient and physically challenging professions. At all times and in all countries, their services were in demand, therefore, millions of people earned their livelihoods by this hard craft.

For some, working as a loader means the collapse of all hopes for career growth, but for others it was this profession that gave a "start" in life. After all, loaders have tremendous physical strength, therefore, well-known professional athletes often came out of their midst, amazing the audience with their amazing tricks.

Ivan Poddubny worked for several years as a loader in the ports of Sevastopol and Feodosia. Ivan was 25 years old when he got into the circus of Beskorovainy, who came to Feodosia on tour. Spectators were invited to repeat the trick of the circus strongmen for a fee. Poddubny himself recalled that it was not possible to take the prize with lifting weights, but in belt wrestling he was not inferior even to professionals. This is how his legendary career began.

The equally great athlete Ivan Zaikin was born into a poor peasant family in the Simbirsk province. At the age of 15, a teenager had to become a loader at the Samara pier. Once at the fair, he saw an athlete perform and, unexpectedly for everyone, repeated his trick with a kettlebell. One of the merchants handed him a copper penny and said that Ivan would not be able to bend it into a pipe. To the delight of the audience, Zaikin coped with the coin.

Of course, Poddubny and Zaikin worked as loaders for a long time, more than a hundred years ago. But some of our contemporaries, who became famous, did not escape hard physical work. American actor Brad Pitt unloaded furniture in his youth while working for a trucking company.

Even the presidents of states came out of the loaders. Kurmanbek Bakiev was born in the family of a collective farm chairman, in his youth he worked as a loader at a fish factory. And in 2005 Kurmanbek Salievich Bakiev was elected President of Kyrgyzstan.

Port loaders were divided into "kryuchniks" and "gorbachs". The "hookers" had special devices - an iron hook on a thick canvas strap, which was thrown over the back. This greatly simplified the lifting of the load. Well, the "humpbacks" carried weights on their backs without any devices. It was said that many Volga movers could carry up to 15 poods (240 kg) at a time.

Heavy physical activity often leads to serious illness. 20 to 30 percent of movers have a curvature of the spine. In addition, a common occurrence among loaders are: hernia, varicose veins, joint diseases.

A monument to a loader is erected in Istanbul at the Grand Bazaar. The area of ​​this bazaar is more than 31, 000 square meters, there are about 5, 000 shops. It is not surprising that you simply cannot do without a huge number of loaders. Therefore, as a sign of respect, a monument was even erected to the people of this profession.

Sherpas (a people living in Nepal) are indispensable guides for climbers. Representatives of this nationality are able to carry heavy loads even at high altitudes. Therefore, escorting expeditions for many of them is the main way of earning money. One of them, Lhakpa Tenzing Sherpa, climbed more than 20 times to the highest peak of our planet - Everest.