New Yorker Bizarre Fishing

New Yorker Eliel Santos has found an unusual occupation for himself. He can be called a professional fisherman, although the place of his "fishing" is rather unusual - city sidewalks with weir bars. And his "catch" is made up of things that have fallen through the bars. This is a rare but very lucrative profession for Santos.

It all began a few years ago, when Eliel Santos noticed a man at the intersection of Broadway and 41st Street, perplexedly looking at his feet. It turned out that his keys had fallen through the lattice, and the poor fellow was in confusion. Santos volunteered to help, ran to the nearest store and bought liquid glue there to catch mice. With this glue, he smeared a stone, which he tied to a rope and lowered it down to a depth of more than 4 meters.

When the stone was lifted up, it turned out that the keys were stuck to it. For his ingenuity, Santos received a reward of $ 50. The young man thought that such a business could bring good income, and decided to put the business on a “grand scale”.

After a few years, Eliel became a real professional. Through trial and error, he selected the optimal set of inventory that allows him to get lost things from under the sewer grates. His "arsenal" includes: dental floss, replacing the rope, liquid glue, various hooks, rubber gloves, binoculars and a flashlight.

The fisherman's working day starts at 9 am and lasts until 2 pm. He marks his route on the map, so as not to walk along the same streets too often, it takes time for the ditches to fill with lost things. Eliel Santos is quite happy with his income: often his earnings exceed $ 70 per hour. Among the valuable trophies were: mobile phones, a gold bracelet with diamonds, which was sold for almost 2, 000 "green". Banknotes and rings are often found. In short, everything that flies out of the hands of sluggish New Yorkers. Sometimes it is possible to pick up the keys, however, Eliel himself says that he no longer hunts for them, it is, rather, an accidental catch.

Like any angler, Santos has its own characteristics. He considers June and July to be the most successful months, and Thursday as the best day. On Monday, for some reason, less luck, but after the holidays, the bottom of the gutters is literally strewn with finds. Often the townspeople turn to Santos, having dropped something necessary through the bars. For a small reward, he is always ready to help.