What they tried to make money on in the USSR

In the Soviet Union, as you know, private entrepreneurship was not encouraged. But this does not mean at all that Soviet citizens did not want to become rich. Of course they did. Therefore, they believed in the most unexpected ways to earn large sums.

One of the most popular myths of that time - one could get a lot of money for the anniversary ruble with the image of Lenin. Who and why was willing to pay a fortune for it? There were all sorts of rumors, starting with the fact that the coin was made of pure silver. But this is the simplest version, there were others, more fantastic. For example, this is the following: in the USA it is a numismatic rarity, so American collectors do not regret buying money. Another legend: the Chinese (and maybe the Japanese) extract some very rare substance from the coin. And some simply stated that the coin could be taken to the bank and received a solid wad of paper money.

In fact, the coin was minted in a circulation of 100, 000, 000, therefore, even in our time it can be bought for 30-50 rubles. And a sharp rise in prices is not expected.

The 1961 penny was no less legendary. She, according to rumors, was made of pure gold, which means that she should have asked for no less than a box of vodka. Alas, here too, lovers of easy money were disappointed: the coin is made of a copper-zinc alloy, its weight is exactly 1 gram, and is not a numismatic rarity. And that means that it would not have been possible to make money on it.

Smokers stubbornly believed in another fairy tale - the ashes from cigarettes are bought in pharmacies. Moreover, for each gram they give a tidy sum. Nobody wanted to mess with grams, more often they did this - they shook off the ashes into a three-liter jar. Through the efforts of many smokers, they took up a full container and proudly carried it to the pharmacy, naively believing that the cigarette ash contains some kind of rare earth metal. True, in pharmacies such customers were looked at with bewilderment. Then another legend appeared: you need to sell to foreigners, because they are better versed in the value of cigarette ash.

Unfortunately, there are no expensive substances in the ash either. And if there were such, then why collect the ashes bit by bit, when you can buy cigarettes in packs and just burn them?

For those who burned out on anniversary rubles and cigarette ash, there was one more chance: to catch mosquitoes and dry them. It was necessary to gain a kilogram (at least) and also take it to the pharmacy. True, few people thought about the question: how many dried mosquitoes are in one kilogram? There were experimenters who picked up a matchbox of mosquitoes and weighed them. It turned out that for the coveted kilogram, you need to collect about 1, 500 of these boxes. Somehow the mood immediately disappeared.

And for what purposes could dried mosquitoes be used? No one knew for sure, but they were assured that the most valuable thing was a mosquito liver.

There were also those who tried to cash in not on ashes, but on packs of Cosmos cigarettes. There were some numbers on the inside of the pack. By collecting some intricate combination, you could get a bicycle. True, where this bike was issued, no one knew, but many believed that happiness was possible.