Who invented the herring under a fur coat

Presumably the author of the salad is the merchant Anastas Bogomilov, the owner of popular canteens and taverns in Moscow. During the revolutionary times, visitors to his establishments often got drunk, began to argue ardently about the fate of their homeland and, naturally, fights broke out, which did not go without breaking plates, glasses and damage to furniture.

Then Anastas came up with a brilliant idea to create a folk salad that would become a good snack and a symbol of unification. The dish was served for the first time on New Year's Eve 1919. The main ingredient of the salad was, of course, herring, a favorite delicacy of the proletarians, which Anastas supplemented with peasant onions, native potatoes and carrots, and in the end, like a blood-red banner, he covered it all with a layer of beets. In order not to forget about the enemies of the Soviets, the salad was thickly seasoned with Westernizing French mayonnaise. The effect was not long in coming and the guests began to eat vodka very actively with this simple, but very nutritious and tasty dish, and as a result of a good snack, there really was less fighting.

The name of the wonderful appetizer-salad was given - "Chauvinism and Decline - Boycott and Anathema", or simply "SH.U.B.A." Subsequently, the name of the author of the recipe for the most popular and favorite salad was forgotten, and the appetizer itself began to be called simply "Herring under a fur coat."

By the way, the largest "Herring under a fur coat" - 305 kg and 7 m long - was prepared by five chefs with assistants in the Kaliningrad Museum of the World Ocean during the celebration of the Day of the Herring. And, of course, all of it was eaten!

Interestingly, the famous phrase of Ippolit from Eldar Ryazansky's film "Irony of Fate or Enjoy Your Bath!" the popularity of jellied fish.