Interesting facts about tips

Tipping is small, as a rule, money, which is given to service personnel in excess of the amount indicated on the invoice. But, in general, this money can make up a significant part of income. In some countries it is not customary to tip, while in others, on the contrary, it is considered indecent not to tip.

In many taverns in Russia in the 19th century, sex workers, as the waiters were then called, did not receive a salary, they worked only for money received from visitors "for tea." This is where the expression "tip" came from. At the same time, the working day lasted 16 hours. Only in 1902 did the tavern workers create their own trade union: "The Society of Waiters and Other Employees of the Tavern Industry."

In the famous novel by Ilf and Petrov, "The Twelve Chairs, " the janitor Tikhon longingly recalled his generous master, who, as Tikhon believed, had left for Paris. The position of a janitor in tsarist Russia was indeed prestigious. Unofficially, the duties of the janitor included a rule - to congratulate the rich residents of their site on the holidays (Christmas, New Year, Easter, name day). And they, in turn, did not leave him without reward. Every self-respecting janitor had a list of patrons' birthdays.

In France, service staff are not particularly indulged in tips. Moreover, the service charge is already included in the invoice. But sometimes clients leave, as a sign of gratitude, 1 - 2 euros. There are a little more in elite restaurants.

In Brazil, tips are also included in the bill. But there is one peculiarity - a restaurant client may refuse to pay for the "service" column if he is not satisfied with something.

But in Japan or New Zealand, a tip can be perceived as an insult. In many Japanese hotels, restaurants and taxis, you can see an ad: "We do not take tips, because we make good money."

Famous American actor Johnny Depp is a welcome guest in all restaurants. Leaving a few thousand dollars to the attendants is a common thing for him. Often the tip is much higher than the cost of the ordered meals.

A few years ago, Britney Spears walked into a restaurant with her two sons, 6-year-old Sean and 5-year-old Jaden. The kids made a real pogrom there, scattering plates and chairs. Even the star mom could not cope with them. One of the waiters came to the rescue, who was able to interest the children in the conversation, and saved his establishment from big losses. In gratitude, Britney Spears handed the waiter $ 300 and her autograph.

One of the wealthy casino visitors in Monte Carlo snatched a $ 15 million win. To celebrate, he handed out million worth of chips to the attendants.

Modest waitress Jessica Osborne from a pizzeria in the American state of Indiana never thought that she would ever receive a tip of $ 10, 000. This amount was given to her by one of the visitors, because she listened to her story about family problems. True, the generous philanthropist set one condition - the money must be spent on education.