Interesting facts about salary

"So that you live on one salary!" - such a terrible wish was expressed by the hero of the film "The Diamond Arm" Lelik to his accomplice Gene Kozodoev. But, salaries are different, some live on the salary, and live well.

The famous American industrialist Henry Ford, who was not particularly generous, during the Great Depression, in the late twenties of the last century, unexpectedly for many, doubled the wages of his workers. Demand for cars fell sharply during the crisis, but after the salary increase, workers at Ford factories could afford a car.

In November last year, Barcelona football star Lionel Messi signed a new contract with the team owners, according to which his weekly income will be 870, 500 euros per week. Meticulous statisticians have already calculated the Argentinean's salary in rubles at the exchange rate. For a week he will receive 63, 216, 700 rubles. 9, 030, 000 per day. 376, 200 per hour. 6, 245 per minute. Every second Lionel becomes richer by 100 rubles.

However, in our time, no one is surprised by the huge incomes of famous athletes. But in 1930, American baseball player Babe Ruth came under a barrage of criticism from journalists. Ruth was reproached for the fact that his annual salary ($ 80, 000) is as much as 5 thousand higher than that of US President Herbert Hoover. True, Ruth himself was not taken aback, saying that he had a more successful year than Hoover.

The first legal Soviet millionaire is called Artyom Tarasov, who opened the Tekhnika cooperative during the years. Tarasov's official salary in January 1989 was 3, 000, 000 rubles. As befits a law-abiding citizen, Artem Mikhailovich paid all taxes. For example, the tax on childlessness was 180, 00 rubles. One of his deputies, who also received three million, was a member of the CPSU. The communists paid contributions - 3% of wages. The party cash register was replenished by 90, 000 rubles.

Steve Jobs, one of the founders of Apple Corporation, became famous all over the world for his more than modest salary - $ 1 a year. But Steve does not live in poverty, he regularly receives bonuses of tens of millions of dollars, and also owns shares of the company in the amount of 5, 5 million pieces. Jobs himself says that he pays part of the salary to the company's managers in shares. Thus, the well-being of the employee is directly related to the success of the business.

But at one of the snake farms in distant Kenya, workers do not dream of Apple shares. If the company is tight with money, the salary, or part of it, is given by snakes. And then each employee is free to dispose of them at his own discretion. However, this does not seem surprising to us: not so long ago, salaries with vodka, sugar or electric bulbs were common in our country.

Warren Buffett is one of the most successful investors in the world, his fortune, at the moment, is estimated at more than $ 80 billion, which allows Buffett to be one of the richest people on the planet. And he earned his first money at the age of 11, distributing newspapers and receiving $ 175 a month. True, he did not spend them on children's entertainment, preferring to buy shares on the stock exchange.