Interesting facts about millionaires

Every day the number of millionaires on our planet is increasing by about 65 people.

Do you need a good education to become a millionaire? It is desirable but not required. According to statistics, every fifth millionaire has no higher education. And only 6% of them have a doctorate.

Not every millionaire succeeds in business on the first try. There were those who had to start from scratch 4-5 times.

American Don King, one of the richest sports managers in the world, once walked into a store and immediately bought 110 pairs of shoes, paying a total of $ 64, 000. But, this is rather an exception to the rule. Sociologists from the United States claim that half of the millionaires in this country do not buy shoes for more than $ 140 per pair.

Austrian Karl Rabeder was born into a poor family. It is not surprising that the boy dreamed of becoming a rich man from early childhood. But, having accumulated a solid capital, Karl realized that millions did not bring him happiness and spent all his fortune on charity.

James Wilson from the USA became a millionaire at a more mature age. By the age of 84, he was a staunch opponent of any gambling, lotteries, sweepstakes. To convince relatives that all this is a hoax, he decided to buy the first lottery ticket in his life. Newcomers are lucky - the pensioner immediately became the owner of $ 256 million.

One of the richest Moscow merchants of the 19th century, Gavrila Solodovnikov, was incredibly greedy. In taverns, he ordered the cheapest dish - yesterday's buckwheat. And Solodovnikov drove out in a carriage whose only rear wheels were covered with rubber. The merchant explained it this way - the coachman sits in front, and the owner does not intend to pay for his convenience.

Successful investor Nicholas Berggruen, who has raised more than $ 2 billion, is homeless. True, he does not spend the night under the open sky. It's just that Nicholas decided that living in the same house was boring and sold his luxurious mansion. He likes to live in hotels and travel all over the world.

The psychologist from the UK Roger Gray made his million on the mean tears of men. He just assured his clients that men live less than women, as they rarely cry. Gray opened special courses where men are taught the art of proper crying.

Irishman Pat Bark became a millionaire in an unusual way. He often visited relatives in the United States, who asked him to bring a handful of land from his native Ireland. Pat came up with a thought: why not start selling Irish land? In 2009 alone, he shipped about 240 tons to the United States. True, the US customs was not delighted with such parcels, because microbes could enter the country along with the land. But, the enterprising Irishman did not lose his head here either, he developed a method for clearing the land.

But the Chinese Chen Guangbiao was able to even make millions "out of thin air." It's just that in his native Beijing the air, frankly, is not the cleanest. So Guanbiao decided to sell special jars filled with the same scarce commodity. Soon, the invention brought in $ 8, 000, 000 in revenue. True, Chen Guangbiao himself claims that the main thing for him is not profit, but a desire to draw the attention of the authorities to environmental problems. Therefore, he spends a significant part of his income on charity.