Where are Napoleon's treasures hidden

There are a lot of legends and tales about the innumerable treasures buried in the ground and submerged in the water. Treasure hunters have long been trying to find the gold of Stepan Razin, Emelyan Pugachev, Admiral Kolchak. In this series of true and untrue stories, Napoleon's treasure occupies a special place. It is reliably known that he took a huge amount of gold and silver from plundered Moscow, there is even an exact route of the French army's escape from Russia and the alleged places where these treasures could be hidden.

On October 16, 1812, a huge baggage train departed from Moscow, consisting of 350 carts: the French carried with them everything of value that survived after a terrible fire: gold, silver, paintings, expensive clothes, in a word, what could be saved along the way, and then sell profitably.

But the invaders did not manage to safely take out their prey, they were regularly attacked by both troops and partisan detachments. In addition, there was a catastrophic lack of food for the horses. In the villages, the French even took apart thatched roofs, but the emaciated horses soon began to starve to death. Some of the loot had to be hidden. Discontent also grew among the soldiers, who began to secretly plunder valuables from the convoy. Since then, there have been persistent rumors that a huge amount of gold and silver was buried on the way of Napoleon's army retreat. Over the years, only metal could have survived in the ground, paintings and clothes, even if they were hidden, fell into disrepair long ago.

Treasure searches began almost immediately after the end of the war. Especially many fortune hunters have appeared in the area of ​​Lake Semlevskoye, which is located in the modern Smolensk region. Moreover, among them were former soldiers and officers of Napoleon's army. After all, according to the recollections of General de Segur, it was into this lake, by order of Napoleon, that ancient cannons taken from the Kremlin, jewelry and a cross taken from the bell tower of Ivan the Great were thrown.

Already in 1813, one of the local landowners brought to court about 40 cannon carriages, which were found within his estate. This means that the rumors about the treasures dumped here were not unfounded.

At the beginning of the twentieth century, members of the Vyazemsky Committee for the perpetuation of the memory of the Patriotic War were searching here. True, without much success. In our time, modern devices have come to the aid of search engines. With their help, it was found that at the bottom of Lake Semlevskoye, indeed, there is a huge amount of metal, and the amount of silver in the water exceeds the norm by tens of times. True, there is no evidence that this metal is the very treasures.

Diving by scuba divers was also not crowned with success: the bottom of the lake is covered with a layer of silt of many meters. This means that the mysterious treasures of Napoleon are still waiting for their researchers.