How much are the things of the "stars"

Selling your old worn clothes is not an easy task, unless it is, of course, celebrity clothes. Fans of "stars" are ready to pay big money for any things that their idols have even touched.

The stage cleaners Britney Spears performed on have long been running a small business: they collect the gum that the singer spits out and sell it to fans for $ 100.

X-ray of the lungs of Marilyn Monroe in 2010 was auctioned for $ 45, 000. This is, one might say, a penny: Marilyn's dress, in which she starred in the movie "The Seven Year Itch, " sold for $ 4, 600, 000.

But the most expensive headdress in the world belonged, perhaps, to the famous comedian Charlie Chaplin. His bowler hat was bought at the Profiles in Histori auction for $ 135, 000.

There are not many autographs of the English classic William Shakespeare - only 6 pieces. Accordingly, the price of Shakespeare's signature is impressive: each autograph is estimated at about $ 5, 000, 000.

In our country, the signatures of Vladimir Vysotsky are highly valued among collectors of autographs. Several years ago, a photograph of a famous actor and singer with the caption “Good! Vysotsky ”went to one of the auctions for 360, 000 rubles, although the starting price was only 20, 000.

John Lennon's tooth, removed by a dentist back in the 60s of the last century, was sold for $ 30, 000 in 2011. It is interesting that this rarity was acquired by a dentist from Canada, Michael Zuck, who decided to use the purchase as an advertisement for his clinic.

It is not bad to "weld" on things that belonged to the rulers. For example, the robe of the Emperor Qianlong of China, who ruled the country in the 18th century, was sold at an auction in Hong Kong for $ 1, 900, 000.

Two years ago, Christie’s auction house sold a gold snuffbox, presented by Nikolai II to the Bulgarian ambassador, for $ 665, 000.

The clothes of the "stars" of sports are also in high demand among wealthy fans. Last year, the legend of world football, Pele, put up hundreds of items for sale that are directly related to his sports career. Among the lots - three gold medals of the world champion, the ball with which Pele scored the 1000th goal in his career, and so on. The total amount raised from the auction exceeded $ 5, 000, 000. However, the "king of football" did not plan to get rich on this action. A significant part of the funds was spent on charity, in particular, on the treatment of sick children.

Baseball player Babe Ruth, who played in the 1920s, was recognized by the Associated Press as the athlete of the century. It is not surprising that his belongings among the fans are literally worth their weight in gold. For example, in 2012 an athlete's jersey was sold for $ 4, 415, 658.