Failed lawyer deal with Madame Kalman

To get the desired square meters of their own, people are considering all sorts of options. One of the cheapest ways to buy an apartment is to conclude a life-long maintenance agreement with retirees who agree to give up their homes after death in exchange for life-long care.

It was such a profitable option that 44-year-old French lawyer François Raffre found in 1965. At least so it seemed to him at first.

Fate brought François to 90-year-old Jeanne Kalman, who had no heirs and agreed to give her apartment in the center of Arles in exchange for life support. Raffre pledged to pay her 2, 500 French francs every month, and in return, after the death of Kalman, her apartment would go to him. Madame Kalman, although she looked good, smoked like a locomotive. The lawyer quickly calculated that at this age, the chances of not waking up from the grandmother are more and more every day, and the market price of the apartment was equal to 10 years of payments. That is, after the death of the old woman, the apartment could be resold profitably, remaining in good fat.

But Francois Raflet did not take into account one thing - Kalman turned out to be a long-liver and set a world record for longevity (still not beaten), having lived for another 32 years.

That is, the apartment went to the Raffre family more than three times more expensive. The lawyer himself never lived to see this momentous day: he died at the age of 77, while Kalman was 120 years old. The rest of the time the money was paid by his widow. “There are sometimes bad deals in life, ” Kalman commented. She died on August 4, 1997. At the time of her death, she was 122 years, 5 months and 14 days old. Later, Raffre's widow said in an interview: “She was a person. My husband had a very good relationship with Madame Kalman. "

Madame Kalman's health turned out to be simply unique. At 95, she quit smoking! Until a hundred years old, she was actively engaged in fencing, rode a bicycle. Until her death, she retained a clarity of mind. Scientists from all over the world conducted repeated studies of her body, trying to find out the reason for her longevity, but, unfortunately, they never found anything.