The most failed slogans of famous brands

When Parker decided to market their ballpoint pen in Mexico, their ads were supposed to read: “It won't leak into your pocket and embarrass you.” However, due to incorrect translation, they came up with the following: “It won't leak into your pocket and fertilize you."

Clairol introduced the new "Mist Stick" curling iron in Germany without knowing "Mist" is slang for manure.

Coors launched its product under the slogan "Turn It Loose" in Spain, where it reads as "suffering from diarrhea."

The Pepsi Generation advertisement "in Chinese sounds like" Pepsi brings your ancestors from the graves. "

Gerber started selling baby food in Africa and they used the same packaging as in the US with a smiling baby on the label. Later, they learned that in Africa, they paint content on labels, since many people cannot read.

Colgate introduced the toothpaste in France under the Cue brand, the name of a popular porn magazine.

When American Airlines began promoting its new leather first class in the Mexican market, their Spanish translation of the slogan "Flying in leather" sounded like "Flying naked."

An American T-shirt maker was making shirts for the Spanish market ahead of the Pope's visit. Instead of the inscription "I saw dad" (El-papa), the phrase was sewn on the shirts: "I saw potatoes" (La-papa).

The dairy associations decided to promote the product to Mexico with the slogan "Got Milk?" Soon he was translated into Spanish as follows: "Do you give milk?"

General Motors has failed in an effort to promote the Nova in Central and South America. "Nova" in Spanish means "does not go".