Interesting facts about the cruiser "Aurora"

The ceremonial launching of the cruiser "Aurora" took place on May 24, 1900. The ceremony was attended by the Russian Emperor Nicholas II.

Ever since the time of Peter the Great, there was a rule in Russia: the name of large ships had to be approved by the emperor himself. Nicholas II was offered a whole list: "Aurora", "Askold", "Bogatyr", "Varyag", "Naiad", "Juno", "Gelion", "Psyche", "Polkan", "Boyarin", "Neptune". By the decision of the ruler of the country, the ship was named "Aurora" in honor of the ancient Roman goddess of the morning dawn.

The cruiser took part in the Russo-Japanese War. On May 14, 1905, during a battle with Japanese ships, the captain of the Aurora Yevgeny Yegoriev was seriously wounded and died soon after. And the cruiser itself was seriously damaged.

The legendary shot from the cruiser "Aurora", which served as the signal for the start of the storming of the Winter Palace, was fired by the ship's commanding officer Evdokim Pavlovich Ognev on October 25 (old style) 1917 at 21:40. The charge was empty.

Little-known fact: in early 1941, the People's Commissar of the Navy signed an order to assign the name "Aurora" to another cruiser. The legendary ship had to cease to exist, since there should not be ships with the same name in the navy. But the old cruiser was saved by the outbreak of the Great Patriotic War.

In June 1941, 9 guns were removed from the Aurora. They became part of battery "A", which fought fierce battles in the Duderhof area.

In August 1944, by decision of the executive committee of the Leningrad City Council, the cruiser was installed at the Petrogradskaya embankment as a memorial museum.

In 1946, the cruiser acted as a "film actor". This year the movie "Cruiser" Varyag "was released on the screens of cinemas, and in the role of" Varyag "they decided to shoot" Aurora ". The ships had different designs, so the "Aurora" had to be heavily "made up": a fourth deck was installed, several additional guns and the bow was altered.

In 1967, "Aurora" was awarded the Order of the October Revolution. By the way, this order depicts the cruiser Aurora itself.

In the early eighties, it was decided to reconstruct the Aurora, since the hull was in disrepair. The cruiser was sent to a shipyard, where the entire underwater part was replaced.

Currently, the cruiser is again in Kronstadt for repairs. He is expected to return to his usual place in 2016.