Heroic battle Kozhemyaki with the Pechenezh giant

In 992, the Pechenegs invaded the Russian lands. Prince Vladimir (the one who baptized Rus) came out against them and stood on the Trubezh River. The Pechenegs were waiting on the other side of the river. Seeing that the enemy was not inferior either in number or in strength, the troops did not rush into battle. Moreover, for the attack it was required to cross the river, on the steep banks of which the enemy had fortified.

The opponents stood for three days, not daring to start the battle. The Pechenezh prince drove up to the river, called the Russian prince and invited him to fight with heroes. Whose hero wins, that army will get the victory.

The Pechenegs showed their fighter at once, he was more than two meters tall and looked terrible. At Vladimir's camp, those who wanted to fight the Pecheneg might have been found, but a hero was needed to fight the giant on an equal footing. An elderly soldier approached the prince and said that he was in the army with his older sons, and left his younger son at home ...

... "Since childhood, no one has yet been able to overcome him. Once I scolded him, and he crumpled his skin: so in his hearts he tore it with his hands."

They sent for the strongman. “I don’t know, ” he said, “if I can cope with the Pecheneg; let them test me: is there not where a big and strong bull?”

They brought the bull, enraged him with a red-hot iron and let him run. When the bull caught up with the strong man, he grabbed him by the side and pulled out a piece of skin with meat. Vladimir marveled at such power. "You can fight the Pecheneg, " said the prince.

The Pechenezhsky hero, of enormous stature, began to laugh at the Russian, who was much smaller than him. But then the fighters grappled in full view of the two troops. For a long time they stood squeezing each other in a vice. Finally, the Russian crushed the enemy with his hands, lifted and hit them on the ground.

The Pechenegs fled in horror, pursued by the Russian army, and Vladimir celebrated the victory by placing a city in the place of the battle and calling it Pereyaslavl, for the young man took over the glory from Pecheneg. The name of the hero has not survived, later the storytellers named him Nikita and another hero and fighter against injustice, Nikita Kozhemyaka, came to Slavic folklore.

P.S. There is a version that the prototype of Kozhemyaka was Yan Usmoshvets (Usmovich, Usmar) - the legendary Russian hero, who is mentioned in the annals of 992, 1001 and 1004 as the winner of the Pechenegs, in the latter two cases together with the hero Alexander Popovich.