What celebrity contracts prohibit

Midfielder of the Swedish national team Stefan Schwarz, at the peak of his career, suddenly caught fire with an unusual idea - to become a "space tourist". That is, to pay for the space flight from our own funds. This became known to the owners of the English club "Sunderland", which was going to sign a contract with the Swede. The ban on space travel was included in the treaty as a separate line. Stefan Schwartz turned out to be a responsible person - he never flew into space.

To the American actress and singer Demi Lovato, fame came at the age of seven. But, along with popularity, psychological problems fell on the girl, she often fell into depression. The producers decided to play it safe by concluding an agreement with the parents of the young star, according to which their child should not commit suicide.

In 2013, German professional boxer of Bosnian origin, Marko Hoek, signed a contract with the promotion company Sauerland Event. The terms of this agreement were strict - the boxer was forbidden to lose. In case of defeat, the company had the right to terminate the contract unilaterally.

Hollywood actor Keaton Buster was called "The Comedian Without a Smile." His best acting years were spent in the silent film era. Despite the fact that he was a comedian, the audience never saw his smile. The contract forbade him to smile, not only on the set, but also in life. For violation of this paragraph, the actor had to pay a fine. The strange prohibition was explained by the fact that Buster's "stone" expression made him even more comical.

French basketball player Tony Parker, who has played for the National Basketball Association for many years, has to contract his hands like a precious tool. Accordingly, the current agreement with the club prohibits the athlete from gardening, horticulture and other household chores.

The owners of some Hollywood film studios were alarmed by the fact that movie scripts become known to the public long before they are released. The contracts of many actors, screenwriters and directors now include a condition - not to communicate on social networks. So that the secret does not become apparent ahead of time.

Several years ago, Britney Spears entered into a long-term agreement with one of the Las Vegas casinos. According to this contract, the singer will perform in front of the visitors of this institution twice a week, receiving a decent payment for this. True, the contract put in front of her a whole list of prohibitions. For example, a possible pregnancy was required to be excluded for the entire duration of the contract. It was also forbidden to go into a binge.

In 2011, the Coca-Cola Company and Brazilian football star Ronaldinho entered into a win-win deal: the footballer will advertise the drink, and the producers will pay him $ 750, 000. Cooperation lasted only six months, although it was calculated for three years. At one of the press conferences, Ronaldinho appeared with two cans of Pepsi - the worst enemy of the Coca-Cola company. The punishment was immediate - the contract was terminated.

The owners of the Vancouver Canucks NHL have banned hockey players from taking video games to away matches. The team's management considered that they interfere with the players' normal communication with each other. In addition, some athletes sit up at night playing, which affects their performance on the ice rink.