Interesting facts about toys

The board game "Monopoly" first appeared on store shelves in 1932. This happened in the United States during the terrible economic crisis, dubbed the "Great Depression". And he came up with this game, which soon became popular all over the world, an unemployed named Charles Barrow. He soon became a millionaire.

In 1992, the yellow rubber ducklings were of great help to oceanographers. A large consignment of these toys was shipped by sea from Hong Kong to the United States. During a violent storm, one of the containers crashed and thousands of ducklings fell overboard. For several years, they were found off the coast of Alaska and Canada, this allowed scientists to study in more detail the direction of ocean currents.

In 1959, American entrepreneur Ruth Handler, who owned a toy company, offered her customers a new Barbie doll. She named her after her daughter - Barbara. For several years, the total revenue from the sale of the doll has exceeded $ 100 million. And in 1965, Barbara had a friend - the Ken doll. That was the name of Mrs. Handler's son.

One of the most dedicated fans of Barbie and Ken is Florida resident Stanley Coloright. Every month he spends about $ 3, 000 to replenish his collection, which already now contains about 2, 000 Barbies and 1, 000 Kenes. But Coloright is not going to stop there and dreams of filling the whole house with dolls.

The largest collection of toys from "Kinder Surprise" consisted of 90, 000 items. In February 2007, it was sold for 30, 000 euros.

There is an unusual museum at the Klin factory of Christmas tree decorations. You can see Christmas tree decorations from different eras - from Tsarist Russia to the present day. The factory is the oldest enterprise in Russia for the production of Christmas and New Year's toys, it was opened in the 19th century on the estate of the prince


In the eighties, the game "The Wolf Catches Eggs" was popular in the Soviet Union. There was even a legend that if you score 1, 000 points, you can watch a cartoon on the screen. The most stubborn players were disappointed - they passed the cherished milestone, but there was no cartoon.

In 1932, Donald Munro, a Canadian, showed up at the Aristospel office with a bulky wooden box. It was table hockey. The idea seemed interesting to the businessmen, and the first batch went on sale by Christmas. Over time, from an ordinary toy, table hockey turned into a serious sport - even world championships are now being held.

The American publication "Radar" has compiled a rating of the most dangerous toys for children. Among the leaders were arrows "Jarts" - a kind of darts for playing in the fresh air. Seven thousand children were seriously injured by the giant pointed darts, and four were killed.

For many years now, LEGO has been one of the top three most desirable toys for children.

In 1957, the largest children's goods store in the Soviet Union was opened in Moscow, which was named Detsky Mir. Its opening was timed to coincide with the International Festival of Youth and Students in order to show foreign guests that our country really has a happy childhood. Tens of thousands of buyers visited Detsky Mir every day, and the turnover in the first year reached an unprecedented amount - 93, 000, 000 rubles.