The most unusual political parties

On August 9, 1994, the Party of Beer Lovers was registered in Russia. The following year, she even took part in the State Duma elections and received more than 400, 000 votes. The Russian Party of Beer Lovers is not alone; similar parties also existed in Poland, Belarus and Ukraine. But, in the world there are no less original parties. Here we will talk about them below.

Romanian model Sanziana Buruyana, who advertises lingerie, decided that attractive people should not stay out of politics and in 2010 announced the creation of the Party of Beautiful People. True, in her election program, Sanziana proposed to fine not only overweight citizens, but also unfaithful spouses. And for jokes about blondes, you could end up in jail.

Jakob Haugaard, a comedian from Denmark, became the leader of the Party of Conscientious Shirkers in 1979. For many years, loafers conscientiously participated in the parliamentary elections, not really counting on success. But, in 1994, Hugaard's dream came true, he received, to his surprise, a deputy mandate. True, four years later, the actor said that this time was a torment for him, and decided never to engage in politics again. For his associates, Hugaard even arranged a banquet on the occasion of his release from parliamentary duties.

The Ukrainian Party of Women Admirers has about 4, 000 like-minded people in its ranks. You can enter it only after reaching the age of 18 and presenting the recommendations of two women, moreover, who are not relatives.

There are many parties in Sweden - about 800. But the Juggler Party stands out. The party's election program is extremely simple: why talk a lot if you can juggle?

In the same Sweden there is also a Pirate Party. There is no need to be intimidated, the members of this party do not engage in maritime robberies, they only oppose copyright in the field of intellectual property.

In 1921, the alcoholic and beggar Nelis de Gelder became the leader of the Scoundrel Party in the Netherlands. It may sound incredible, but he was elected to the city council of Amsterdam. True, the newly-minted chosen one, to celebrate, went into a long binge and could not start his deputy duties.

Australia's Deadly Seriousness Party puts forward, contrary to its name, absolutely frivolous programs. For example, stop time or create an army of armed penguins to defend the continent.

The Chinese Communist Party is the largest in the world, with about 80 million members. Given the population of China, this is not surprising.