The case of Yuri Detochkin lives on and wins

The hero of the famous Soviet film "Beware of the Car" Yuri Detochkin, as you know, was engaged in stealing cars from citizens who made their fortune in the most dishonest way. The noble hijacker sold cars, and transferred money to orphanages. But, as it turned out, the Detochkins exist not only in the cinema, Yuri has worthy successors of his work all over the world.

Several years ago, the Malaysian police began searching for two twin brothers who led a group of hijackers. At the same time, the criminals transferred large sums to the account of orphanages and charitable organizations. During the year, the hijackers stole about 20 cars. They were only interested in Mercedes and BMWs. The kidnappers did not see any other stamps.

On the trail of this peculiar criminal group, the Malaysian police came out quite by accident. A police patrol in the city of Johor Bahru decided to check the documents of four suspicious men. To the surprise of the guards, the detainees had bank checks with them for money transfers to orphanages. Moreover, the amount was tens of thousands of dollars.

The strange company was taken to the police station. During interrogation, the men admitted that they work for 25-year-old twins who are involved in carjacking. But these glorious heirs of Yuri Detochkin are not hijacking all cars in a row, but only expensive ones. From citizens who could not purchase them with their honestly earned money. Everything is like in the film by Eldar Ryazanov.

The stolen cars were sold, and the unselfish twins transferred the proceeds to help the children. What percentage they kept for themselves, and whether they kept it at all, is unknown. The total revenue from the sold "trophy" cars exceeded one million dollars.

Brothers-"philanthropists" were put on the wanted list, however, the police failed to detain them in hot pursuit. If caught, they will not be able to get off easily. It is unlikely that they will receive a short sentence, because according to the laws of Malaysia, carjacking is a very serious crime, and even more so on such a scale. Probably, even noble goals will not become an excuse for mitigating punishment. Although it is possible that some of the supporters of social justice will shout during the trial something similar to the phrase from the popular Soviet comedy: "Freedom to Yuri Detochkin!"