What will be the Penalty or jail time ... ... for kissing?

Did you know that an ordinary kiss can be expensive for the kissing person, for example, a fine from 50 euros to 300 million rupees, or imprisonment up to 10 years.

Today, many cities and countries are banning kissing in certain places.

It is undeniable that this characterizes many cultures, so it is not surprising that in almost all Muslim and Islamic countries kissing in public is prohibited. For example, in Dubai and Malaysia for a kiss, you can pay a fine of 75 euros, or get 10 days in Abu Dhabi. And in Indonesia, a prison term of 10 years in prison or the largest fine of $ 100, 000, since in Indonesia kissing is equated with pornography.

But at the same time, this ban is also valid in European countries.

In France, this ban was introduced back in 1910, so that departing trains from stations would not be delayed. In 1910, train departures were constantly delayed due to the expression of such strong feelings. The world has changed, but the law has remained. But what is consoling that in France the most peaceful punishment is that the "criminals" will be sent to a specially designated area for farewell kisses.

And in the English town of Warrington, they tried to create a separate kissing zone so that there were no problems on the platforms.

Also, for example, kissing on the subway is prohibited in Vienna, for this pleasure you will have to pay 50 euros, the municipality plans to introduce this ban on all types of public transport. Interestingly, in parking lots it is allowed to say goodbye for free for no more than 20 minutes.

And also from April 1, 2015, a kissing ban was introduced in Goa, in the village of Salvador de Mundo, one of the most popular holiday destinations.

But, for example, the Mexicans are actively fighting this ban on the territory of their state and constantly provoke the local police.

So, for a romantic and wonderful manifestation of feelings, you can pay very dearly, without even realizing it.