Interesting facts about smoking in Russia

It is believed that tobacco smoking in our country began at the time of Emperor Peter the Great. But it is not so. Peter only contributed to the spread of this bad habit, and they began to smoke in Russia long before Peter's accession to the Russian throne.

Tobacco in our country was known in the first half of the 17th century. True, they used it mainly as a medicinal plant: they successfully treated toothache and colds. It was successfully used to kill harmful insects: moths, fleas and bedbugs.

But over time, European merchants began to gradually accustom the Russian people to a different use of this potion, namely, to smoke it. They started selling tobacco in taverns. This kind of fun caused strong condemnation of both the kings and the church.

In 1634, Tsar Mikhail Fedorovich ordered to "execute death" of smokers, and his son, Alexei Mikhailovich, - "to smack his nostrils and noses, " and then "exile to distant cities." As you can see, lovers of smoke in Russia had a hard time. It was forbidden to import tobacco from abroad. When foreign merchants found this forbidden product, it was supposed to “burn all the tobacco without a trace”.

These persecutions of smokers continued until Peter the Great. It was under him that smoking was not only stopped, but also encouraged. The tsar's communication with foreigners was not in vain: the tsar began to take a drag on tobacco.

On February 11, 1697, the ban on smoking in Russia was lifted. Under the tsarist decree, tobacco was allowed "to sell it explicitly."

In 1698, during his trip abroad, Peter visited London. Here the tsar not only got acquainted with the English industry and the navy, but also entered into an agreement with Lord Kermarten for the supply of several thousand boxes of tobacco to Russia. Someone from the royal retinue hinted that the import of the forbidden potion would not please the Russian patriarch. In response, Peter said that the patriarch should take care of the faith, and not fulfill the position of a customs inspector. Alas, no one dared to object to the formidable ruler.

This is how the overseas potion went through our country. Since 1705, a "state tobacco sale" was established in Russia, and eleven years later two tobacco factories were opened - in St. Petersburg and Akhtyrka. Moreover, the number of such enterprises increased annually. For example, in 1860 there were over 500 tobacco factories in the Russian Empire.

It was believed that smoking calms the nerves, so tobacco was actively introduced into the Russian army.

This is how the Russian tsar introduced such a bad habit into our life. We still cannot defeat smoking.