The origin of the word gopnik

Referring to the dictionary of Vladimir Dahl, in which the word gop "expresses a jump, leap or blow ..., gop, jump or hit", we can draw an analogy that in pre-revolutionary times, gopniks were called asocial elements. Already then in Russia there were "orders of public charity" - provincial committees, which were in charge of caring for the "beggars, cripples, sick, orphans, etc.", which were kept in special charity homes at the expense of zemstvo funds. In this sense, the word "gopnik" comes from the word GOP, which stands for "Urban Society of a Prize" (from the word "Prizor" - care, care).

At the end of the 19th century, the State Prize Society (GOP) was organized in the premises of the modern Oktyabrskaya Hotel, located on Ligovsky Prospect, where street children and adolescents engaged in petty robbery and hooliganism were brought. After the October Revolution of 1917, the State Hostel of the Proletariat (GOP) was organized in this building for the same purposes.

The number of juvenile delinquents in this area has increased several times. Among the inhabitants of the city, the word "gopniks" appeared, which was used to refer to the inhabitants of the GOP from Ligovka.

As a persistent expression, the word "gopnik" reappeared in the late 1980s in relation to representatives of hooligan youth, often from dysfunctional families, who realized that a time of impunity was coming. It was from them that the members of the Morozovets gang, Lyuber and other scum later grew up.