Ancient China torture facts

For the faint of heart and impressionable, please do not read!

In every country, at different times, there were different tortures. In my opinion, the most difficult and cruel in relation to a person were in China. Moreover, the victims of torture were not only criminals, convicts, but also innocent people who simply did not please the government. In the Qin dynasty code, there were more than 4 thousand crimes deserving punishment. Here are some examples of torture in ancient China.

  1. The criminal was put in a cold, dark room. They tied him up so that he could not move at all, not even his head. While he was sitting in the room, all this time, water was dripping on his head. Water dripped to the last. If the offender did not confess, then from such torture he either froze or became crazy.
  2. First, they prepared a sheet of metal stuck with sharp needles, rolled it in the shape of a barrel with the needles inward. One of the executioners clasped this iron "barrel" with his hands, and the other took the victim by the hair and pulled through it. The needles cut through the flesh, while the executioner, standing next to a cup of salt water, slowly sprinkled it on the torn bloody body.
  3. Another form of torture is literally called "death from a thousand cuts." The executed with the help of special knives made deep, small cuts. He could die from several reasons, either from blood loss or from painful shock, since the incisions were made one after the other without stopping. At the end of such an execution, as a rule, not a single living area of ​​skin remained on the human body.
  4. The tied person was seated on bamboo shoots, in a few days the bamboo sprouted through the person.
  5. There was also an upper execution and a lower execution. During the upper execution, a person was branded on his face or his nose was cut off. During the lower execution, the knee cups were cut out or castrated.
  6. The perpetrator was fed undercooked rice porridge for a very long time. The porridge swelled in the stomach of a person and tore apart the walls of the stomach, followed by a terrible painful death.
  7. A very terrible punishment was for unfaithful women: the culprit was tied with spread legs so that she could not move, milk was poured into the vagina. They threw a snake at their feet. The snakes smelling the milk crawled into the woman's interior. They subsequently died.
  8. If the criminal did not confess for a long time, then two executioners took and spread his legs, the third executioner inserted a dagger into the anus. At the same time, the dagger was very sharp.
  9. The criminal was tied to the ground and poured over with molten lead. Mainly on the shoulders and back.
  10. Hanging Embroidered Balls. The blacksmith was specially ordered a small sword with four or five small hooks on the blade. He entered the human body like clockwork, but the hooks clung to the flesh, and when the executioners pulled out the sword, pieces of human flesh flew to the sides.
  11. One humane feed of torture is nail piercing. The offender's nails were pierced with a bamboo stick on his feet and hands. If he did not confess, but the stick went right through.
  12. A criminal woman was forced to sit on an iron triangle, not just sitting down, but spreading her legs apart and sitting on the vagina. If the woman did not say anything, then she was forcibly imprisoned to the end, thereby the pyramid tore her apart.
  13. Rat torture was very popular in ancient China. Cages with hungry rats were placed on the stomach and chest of the subject and the bottom was opened. The rats were encouraged by fire ...

Torture is still in effect in China, although not so cruel. After the overthrow of the Manchu Qing dynasty, the use of such torture during interrogation was prohibited by decree of the President of the Republic of China on March 2, 1912.