Traded a paperclip for a house

In 2005, 26-year-old Canadian Kyle MacDonald set out to exchange an insignificant change for a house, and just imagine, he succeeded. Interestingly, he covered the whole process on his website

Kyle based his idea on a children's game called Bigger and Better, when a thing is exchanged for something more valuable. The starting item for the exchange was a plastic paper clip with which Kyle began the experiment. He first changed the paperclip for a wooden handle in the shape of a fish, finding a person via the Internet who agreed to do this. Then the enterprising Canadian gave the handle to the sculptor, receiving in return a handmade ceramic door handle. He traded this pen for a camping stove, and the stove for a portable power generator. At this stage, Kyle realized that his dream of living in his own house could become a reality and, by his own admission, began to devote much more time to finding exchange options than he had before.

The generator was traded for a neon beer advertisement and a keg to boot. An online diary detailing his adventures attracted attention and Kyle was invited to appear on Canadian TV. And there they asked what he wants to exchange next. MacDonald, without thinking twice, said: on a trip to Yak, a Canadian mountain resort. Kylie traded this trip for a truck, which, in turn, gave it up for 30 hours of free work in a recording studio in Toronto. In the end, he got a call from an aspiring singer who had a home in Colorado. She offered Kylie to live in her house for free for a year in exchange for a contract with the studio. Then Kyle found a man who was willing to give up the right to spend the afternoon with Ellis Cooper. Finally, the Canadian traded the last one for a Christmas decoration snow globe - a ball inside of which some kind of action takes place, for example, snowflakes are falling, deer are riding, etc. But the balloon that Kyle received was not an easy one - inside there were figures of the members of the KISS group.

It was this toy that brought the guy closer to his dream in the most unexpected way. As it turned out, Hollywood producer Corbin Bernsen is a passionate collector of such balls and that he already has 6, 500 pieces in his collection, but he doesn't have one. He was willing to do anything to get this rare specimen and agreed to trade it for a role in his new film, Donna on Demand, which began filming in September. And finally, the mayor of the tiny town of Kipling (1140 inhabitants) agreed to exchange the right to act in the film (it was still his childhood dream) for a house in the city. 14 exchanges took place from the beginning to the end of the entire operation. It lasted from July 12, 2005 to July 12, 2006, when MacDonald officially took over the ownership of the house.

This event clearly demonstrates the principle described by Richard Poe in his book "The Fourth Wave, or Network Marketing in the XXI Century" - the principle of leverage (the principle of leverage).