Interesting facts about Wikipedia

An estimated 7% of internet users read Wikipedia articles every time they visit the internet.

About 8.2 million articles have been written on Wikipedia since 2001, for a total of over 1.4 billion words.

The English version of Wikipedia has about two million entries, 15 times more than the largest edition of the Britannica.

China has blocked Wikipedia information from inside its country.

Interestingly, the term "wiki" comes from wiki-wiki or "fast", which is the name for buses in Hawaii.

Although Wikipedia is now one of the most visited online encyclopedias, its traffic levels are paltry when compared to

An interesting fact, Wikipedia is a free resource that does not contain ads. Once a year, there is a voluntary collection of funds from users in the "how much you don't mind" format.

The number of visitors to Wikipedia is proportional to the bad weather. This is why Finnish Wikipedia is much larger than Spanish.