The French word "papis-ta-falli"

This story was told by a Russian woman who has been living in France for a long time and who already knows French quite well. One day she went with her child to French Disneyland.

There she bought the child a ticket to one of the attractions. They calmly approached the chosen attraction. They waited for their turn. Then she sat her child in the right place. And she herself went to the fence of the attraction and stood next to a woman - an employee of the French Disneyland, who starts and stops this attraction.

Further, a Disneyland employee is a Frenchwoman, before launching this children's attraction, she says something like this in French:

- So, children! Is everyone ready? Attention ! Papis-ta-falli, - and clicks on the "Start" button.

The attraction started spinning ... While the children were whirring around the attraction, squealing and screeching, this Russian woman got into a conversation with the very same worker, a Frenchwoman, who was responsible for this particular attraction. Naturally, she spoke French. The Russian woman became interested in the meaning of the last words - "papis-ta-falli". I got interested just like that, because there was nothing to do to kill time. Plus in order to enrich yourself with another expression that the French use in their daily life. It seemed to her that this expression was not French, and it may have been borrowed from another language. She suggested that this, for example, could be some American slang introduced into the environment of the workers of the French Disneyland from the American Disneyland.

A Frenchwoman - an employee of Disneyland - willingly answered her that a student from Russia had worked on this attraction before her. And, before pressing the start button, he always said:

- Papistaphali !!!

P.S. The veracity of this story has not been confirmed by anything, and the story itself was found on the Internet in several similar variations.