The customer is always right

We have all heard, and sometimes we ourselves say the phrase "The client is always right." But few people know who was the author of the famous aphorism. Harry Gordon Selfridge - British entrepreneur and founder of Selfridges & Co department stores - developed this formula a century ago. Today they are trying to argue with her, but at one time the quote made a real sensation among businessmen!

Before starting his own business, Harry Gordon Selfridge went a long way from an auxiliary worker to a partner in a large American trading company headed by Marshall Field. Selfridge wanted people to come to the store not to buy and leave, but to buy and stay. And then, most likely, buy more ... and more. As part of this ideology, he opened a teahouse on the ground floor of Marshall & Co. Before him, no one had ever suspected how pleasant it was for visitors, having acquired a pair of gloves, just to sit and drink tea with a friend. Here, at the store.

Customers could always return goods without giving any reason, and sellers in his stores were strictly forbidden to "sell" goods to customers in which they were not interested (at that time this practice was widespread).

In 2010, Selfridges in London, located on Oxford Street, was voted the best modern department store. Today it is a huge building with an area of ​​50 thousand square meters. meters.