Abracadabra (lat.abracadabra) is a truly magical word used everywhere in our life: magicians who perform miracles at children's matinees, just ordinary people, when they cannot make out what is written in their hospital card in the clumsy handwriting of a doctor, Russians programmers trying to make out what their Indian counterpart "nailed" or by the American military, who are trying to decipher the intercepted negotiations of the Russian Navy command.

This word is really ancient and it has been known for at least several thousand years. It was first mentioned at the end of the 2nd century AD. e. in the medical treatise De Medicina Praecepta by Samonica, physician to the Emperor Septimius Severus for the treatment of hay fever. The word (spell against various diseases) was prescribed to be used as follows. It was written out in a column on the board 11 times, with the last letter being cut off each time. It turned out to be a triangle. Such a gradual shortening of this word was supposed to destroy the power of the evil spirit, and the patient, putting on the amulet, had to gradually recover.

The origin of the word abracadabra could not be reliably established. There are various versions that the word was taken from the ancient spells of the Kabbalah, the rites of the ancient Sumerians, Celts, Egyptian priests and other extinct cults.

Main hypotheses:

  • Ancient Aramaic עַבְדָא כְּדַברָא, avda kedavra, which means “what was said is done”
  • Compiled from the Celtic words "Abra" or "Abar" - "god" and "kad" - "saint"
  • The expression "AB-BA-TAB-BA-RI", which was pronounced during religious rites among the ancient Sumerians.
  • Ancient Egyptian "Ab'r - achad - ab'ra", where "Ab'r" - "Bull"; "Achad" - "one" or "sun", which means Taurus in the sign of the zodiac. According to the second version from the Greek-Egyptian god Abraxas - the supreme head of heaven and aeons
  • Chaldean spell "ab bada ke daabra" - "perish like a word."
  • From the Hebrew phrase "abreg ad habra" - "swords your lightning even into death"

This is how ABRAKADABRA turned out :) with this magic word.