Platonic love

Despite the fact that in our time this kind of love is considered old-fashioned, stupid and "unnecessary", platonic love still exists. In the Middle Ages, she encouraged knights to feats in the name of the lady of the heart, made our grandmothers wait for their husbands from the war for years, and now she has become the lot of teenagers who are ready to do anything to meet with Justin Bieber or another "star" of show business.

The expression "platonic love" originated in ancient Greece and in those distant times had a slightly different meaning. The ancient Greek philosopher Plato considered a woman a base and dirty creature, and such love is vicious. Plato himself believed that love between a man and a man was ideal, and it is not surprising, because the philosopher himself was surrounded by many boys. In general, Plato was an unnatural sexual orientation and, in addition, brought under it, so to speak, an ideological rationale. Those were other times and other traditions, in a country where love for honey between a man and a man was considered in the order of things, as evidenced by mythology, where the love of Zeus for Gannimede, Apollo for Cypress and other "liberties" of the gods is glorified.

Over time, thanks to the church, the attitude towards same-sex love changed radically, and the expression "platonic love" acquired a slightly different meaning. Nowadays, platonic love is usually called a romantic feeling that does not contain sexual desire.