Interesting facts about crosswords

Crossword (English Crossword, which means the intersection of words) - a game in which you need to guess the words by their definition. The words "intersect" with each other, forming a crossword puzzle grid. Millions of people of all ages solve puzzles every day. According to researchers, solving crosswords develops erudition, memory, perseverance. In young people, such an activity contributes to the development of thinking, and in older people - the preservation of its activity.

This game has been known since antiquity. Researchers have come across finds, similar to a crossword puzzle, dated back to the 1st - 4th centuries. n. e. In particular, during the excavations carried out in Pompeii, a puzzle was discovered, surprisingly reminiscent of the modern crossword puzzle, which scientists dated to 79 AD. e. However, the peak of popularity of crossword puzzles came at the time of the development of newspaper and magazine business. Indeed, in each edition there is an entertaining page or column, and it was there that they began to publish the first crosswords and they did not fail.

Wynn's Crossword 1913

The first crossword puzzle, published in the Sunday issue of the Wardle newspaper on December 21, 1913, was composed by New Yorker Arthur Wynn. This date is officially considered the time of birth of the first crossword puzzle and entered into the Guinness Book of Records.

The very first crossword puzzle in Russia was published in Leningrad on December 2, 1925 in the literary magazine "Rezets" No. 48. And in 2013, more than 400 specialized printed publications were registered, publishing crosswords and puzzles (both verbal and digital) of varying degrees of difficulty.

Over time, crosswords have migrated to the Internet, where they found a new life. In December 2000, the 3D-Spaceword (three-dimensional spatial crossword puzzle) was created.

In addition to the classic crossword puzzle, there are 24 more varieties of this puzzle.

The first Japanese crossword puzzle appeared in 1987. Since hieroglyphs cannot cross like words, Japanese crosswords are black-and-white or color drawings that must be drawn up according to the proposed rules.

There is the World Federation of Crossword Sports, and there are crossword championships.

The first place among the compilers of crosswords is held by Roger Boukart from the Belgian city of Bruges. He celebrated his 65th birthday by offering the world's largest crossword puzzle for the Guinness Book of Records - 31 meters long and 53 centimeters wide, which contained 50, 400 words. the questions ran into 2, 734 pages. The author has been compiling his creation for almost four years.

In May 1966, the London Times received a letter from a Woman from the Island of Fiji saying that she had just solved Crossword No. 673 in the newspaper's April 4, 1932 issue. Thus, the maximum time taken to solve a crossword puzzle is 34 years. ...

The maximum number of crosswords was Andrian Bell. From January 1930 until his death in 1980, he sent 4, 520 crossword puzzles to the Times.