The most popular and used words

The ten most popular words in the world, announced by the Washington Profile:

  1. refugee
  2. tsunami / tsunami (the word was used very rarely before the catastrophe that befell the countries of Southeast Asia)
  3. Pope / Pope (the reason for the frequent use of the word - the death of John Paul II, the election of a new Great Pontiff)
  4. chinglish (a combination of English and Chinese, formerly pidgin English)
  5. H5N1 (avian influenza virus)
  6. recaille / rakaglia (in French it is "scum", in Spanish - "impudent", in Italian - "scum", this epithet was often used to characterize the emigrant youth who staged pogroms in France)
  7. Katrina / Katrina
  8. wiki / wiki (in Hawaiian Polynesian the phrase "wiki-wiki" means "fast-fast", the word is used for the name of the popular Internet encyclopedia Wikipedia)
  9. SMS / SMS (from English - short message service, in 2005 more than 1 trillion SMS messages were sent)
  10. insurgent.

The Global Language Monitor also published a list of the most popular words used by the world's youth:

  • Crunk (direction of hip-hop music style, also means "cheerful" or "excited")
  • Mang (variation of man - "man" or "man")
  • A'ight (variation of the phrase All right - "everything is good", "everything is right")
  • Mad (slang for "a lot")
  • Props (applause or other signs of encouragement)
  • Bizznizzle (first word used by rapper Snoop Dogg, means "business")
  • S'up (derived from the English phrase "what is up" or "how are you?").

The most commonly used word in the world is O.K., OK or O'kay. Back in the middle of the 19th century, this term did not exist in English at all.

The Global Language Monitor estimates that there are now 6, 912 living languages ​​in the world. There are 989, 614 words in English, but the average American's vocabulary is about 14, 000 words. William Shakespeare used about 24 thousand words, and he was the first to introduce over 1, 7 thousand words into literary circulation.

Internet World Stats has published the ten most popular languages ​​found on the Internet. It included:

  1. English - used by 29.7% of World Wide Web users
  2. Chinese - 13.3%
  3. Japanese - 7.9%
  4. Spanish - 7.5%
  5. German - 5.4%
  6. French - 4.6%
  7. Portuguese - 3.1%
  8. Korean - 3.1%
  9. Italian - 2.7%
  10. Russian - 2.2%