Where did the word "idiot" come from?

Interestingly, the word "idiot" in its original meaning has very little to do with the usual meaning of this word. And in general, this word is Greek. The ancient Greeks, as you know, were terribly sociable people, they really loved to sit (more precisely, lie down) in close company, talk "about the meaning of life, the universe ... and in general." But there were also people among them who did not take part in endless conversations and "parties" - it can be seen that it was precisely those philosophers who struggled over the meaning of life. And they often preferred to live separately, as idios ("separate"), and the people themselves were called idiots in the sense of living separately. But gradually people, so different from those around them, began to seem slightly abnormal. And so it happened that today we mean by an "idiot" an insane and stupid person.